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What are you EATING right now?


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I guess that's true. During the school year, though, I don't think I could survive without bread. Meat is too expensive ;)

Yah, when I was in school, paying my own way, I spent a lot of time with 1 cheap steak a week, hotdogs, ramen, spaghetti sauce, and mac n cheese made with cheap margarine instead of butter and milk. I went 3 months once where my weekly food budget was $10.

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are you typing with your penis, or something, then?
No. I had the fork sort of pinched between my fore- and middle fingers in such a way that the toothed end was pointed upwards, and typing with my fingers that way. Left hand was occupied with the bowl. Later, I set it down and returned to typing properly, but I was actually masticating at the time of that post.
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