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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Looks similar in the pics I can find. I have an entire shop full of hard wood, and all of it is too fucking fancy for the dog food bowl stand I wanted to make this weekend. 

At least I got the legs and stretchers milled from some boring Walnut and Madrone sticks. 

Going to do custom dog bone through tenons on the legs, if I ever find any sticks to make the top with. 


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21 minutes ago, dsavitsk said:

Of that's koa, you won the lottery.

Especially since I have 12 other boards just like it. No idea if it is Koa, but does not match my Jatoba so not sure what else it could be. I keep it in the stack of the Wenge and Teak for my retirement plan. 

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57 minutes ago, Emooze said:

Been working on a box of sorts I guess. Unsure if my dad needs a box but he sure is gonna get one. Still need to do some sanding, cut the lid down to size and put finish on, this is just after the glue dried on the joints.20230529_113142.jpg

Who doesn’t need a box???

What kind of joints did you use?

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Simple miter joints. Took a bit to set up on the table saw just right but glad I did. All the corners are 90 degrees. Going to cut splines in next weekend for strength. Trying to decide if I want 2 or 3 on each corner. Will be using more walnut to match the inlay.

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Mix of wood and metal in the shop for the next week as I work to build a command gift for my boss.  Turnover is this week into next with the Change of Command officially next Tuesday.  I copied the ammodor concept since you cannot simply order one and have it delivered reliably and I guess because I can.  So far it's coming out alright, more difficult to do what I want to than expected.  Today's lesson - CNC's let you fuck stuff up with precision.  Most mistakes have been recoverable, but time consuming.  Only thing photo worthy so far is the custom panel for the inside of the top cover which houses the hygrometer and humidity packs.


The box that goes in the box is glued up and curing.  The tray that will nest into the box-in-the-box is also glued up as of 20 minutes ago. The bottom panel for each will get a laser-engraved logo, hopefully tomorrow night. 


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