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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Work on the humidor project continues and should be complete this weekend, well it sort of has to be since the presentation of the gift needs to happen Tuesday.  WIth that in mind I did some more fab work on limited time at night this week making the piece for the bottom of the removable tray and doing a bunch of sanding.  Precision was applied in some areas and is lacking in others, such is the nature of the things that I make.


This is the custom bottom panel for the tray.  The air-flow holes are a pattern that I developed to mimic the drilled shaft foundations that we are currently installing to support the two new dry docks.  The large holes are the 9 foot diameter shafts that will start installation this fall/winter and the smaller holes are the 6'-6" shafts we're in the process of installing now. 



This is the bottom panel of the box complete with laser-engraved command logo.  


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2 minutes ago, Dusty Chalk said:

I need a toolbox.  Unfortunately I live in good ol' boy territory, so if I get the one I want, I'll probably get taken around back and...so I will just let y'all imagine:

The Original Pink Box | Wayfair



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It turned into a bit of a saga, but my brother enlisted Steve to help identify a new tool for the shop that he wanted to surprise me with. My siblings were around the house while my terminally ill brother made many phone calls and repeatedly ordered and reordered the specified machine. That info leaked to me and made me self conscious about him buying me a gift and worried about how it would work out, but nobody (including Steve) would tell me what it was or how it was being delivered. It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and  there was another whole saga to get the 500lb box up to the shop.

Turns out it is a dual drum 25" Supermax sander. It is very cool and with some shifting it fits into the shop in a good spot. I wired the 220V/30A connection myself with the same type of plug as the Hammer jointer/planer it sits next to. I am ordering some stuff to make a wye connector on top so that the two tools can also share the same dust collection hose with a quick connect setup. I can tell that this is going to be a great tool to have in the shop at twice the width of the planer and currently set up with 80 and 120 grit papers to cut the sanding time way down on lots of projects. 

Thanks Tom, and Steve, and even Doug who consulted as well.





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I forgot to mention this at the time, but on Sunday Milo and I were building a shelving system for my van. In doing so, we used the pocket screw jig that Naaman built, then ping ponged the parts and sent them to me, so Milo and I could build the same unit. This thing is really a slick little tool!

It just works so easily, and the lesser angle is absolutely better than my Kreg pocket screw tool. So shout out to Naaman again! Thanks Sir!


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Used a lot of Penofin - honestly I found it hard to apply to some of the figured / end-grain parts. In the wrong light it looks faded and kinda ashy. For the straight grain pieces (whatever the opposite of end grain is) it worked really well. However, it felt like an hour between the two thin coats was too long - maybe that’s because it was like 150 degrees outside.IMG_2143.jpegIMG_2147.jpeg

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