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What volume do you listen at?


What Volume do you listen to your music at?  

  1. 1. What Volume do you listen to your music at?

    • Whisper quiet - 7 to 8 o'clock
    • Normal - 8 to 9 o'clock
    • A bit loud - 9 to 10 o'clock
    • Loud - 10-11 o'clock
    • Earbleed - 12 o'clock +
    • I listen so loud that up to a half hour after finishing a session, I can go to the bathroom and pee decaying transients.
    • It goes to 11, so I listen at 11

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i have the volum with my E5s and iPod at about 75%. i guess that's pretty fucking loud, but it's not as loud as i used to listen, and my tinnitus is fading.

Some iPods are louder than others. I used to listen to an old 4G iPod with my E5s at 85-90% which looking back was completely crazy. I realised that would be a quick path to hearing loss so I went cold turkey for a while and then tried to re-accustom myself to lower volumes. With this I managed to get used to having it at around 40-50% volume. I've since switched to the 6G iPod but that needs to be at about 75% volume to reach the same level as the 4G at 50%. Today though I'm quicker to drop the volume down if I think it's a bit loud.

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I had a chance to check the levels for my listening when Nate was still running his Wheatfield / K340 combo with his SPL meter. I have some damage to my left ear from a combination of riding around in Jeeps and working front-of-stage security while (stupidly) not using hearing protection. So it was nice to see that I still have good enough hearing that I'm able to play it somewhat safe in the low to mid 70 dB range. And that was on par with the levels I usually have my Millett / HF-1 rig at, though for long periods like when working at home I try to keep it lower, and will occasionally nudget it higher when something like Opeth's "Demon of the Fall" comes on!

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On my dynamic amps using a source with good gain, I usually listen between 9-11 o'clock. If I plug in my Iriver or iMod the volume needs to be increased.

On electrostat amps that I have or have had, like the KGSS, 007t, and GES, HEV-90, I find that I need to go to 1 o'clock to achieve the same volume.

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