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Head-Case Fantasy Football


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Yahoo has a pretty good Fantasy Football system. I have not used ESPNs, but I would be interested in joining a Fantasy Football league.

X2 on Yahoo's Fantasy football system. I did play NFL.com fantasy football league as well and it was fun too. I would be down for Fantasy football :D

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The hardest part of Fantasy is getting everyone to agree on a draft date and time, but even that you can line up your picks before hand and let the computer pick for you from your picks.

Usually there are 10 people, but we can get by with 6 people and have plenty of good players to draft. It really isn't that much work and Yahoo has a nice analysis system that gives you advice on who to bench and who to play. The default rules are pretty good also.

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Do you mean live drafting as in everyone gets in a room and does the draft together, while drinking heavily, or do you mean drafting your own players and not letting the computer choose them for you, while drinking heavily.

How many people would we need to make this worthwhile, 10? 12?

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I was hoping you would drink heavily during and draft 14 kickers or the whole Detroit Lions squad so I could be guaranteed a freebie week during the season. ;)

Looks like we have five confirmed at the moment so we need 5 more to make this happen.

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At the moment we have 6 confirmed team owners. We can start a league with 6 owners but eight or ten would be a lot better. If everyone that wants to play will PM me their preferred e-mail I will set up an 8 Owner league and we will delete the two extra teams if we get no more interest.

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Alright, our roster as of today is:

Salt Peanuts

The Monkey





I am waiting on an e-mail from Aura to send an invite and then if we can coerce one more owner we will be able to field a workable league.

Be sure to vote for your preferred live draft date on the league page so we can get that figured out.

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