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Hey guys,

I'm thinking of getting a flight case to protect my Qualias and I was thinking the Pelican 1200 looked like a great case or some other pelican. They are a lot more reasonable than I thought.

Any ideas?

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get the pelican 1510, you can use it for all of them :)

Yeah that would be sweet but a little overkill.

I'm just thinking of a fairly nice looking case I can leave next to my setup to store my Qualias in so that my cat doesn't feel the need to knock them off their stand. I may get one for the HD800s too. I need to keep these heaphones as prestine as I can since I will likely sell one of the two after the showdown.

I'll leave the 650s out and about though since they seem fairly indestructible,

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I bit the bullet. Annoying that you have to ship to your billing address.

Yeah, but only slightly annoying for a case that cheap. I bit the bullet as well, way to handy to have a couple of these around for stuff.

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Is this what our economy is coming down to? Slashing prices to ridiculous levels to make a sale? Tempting us to buy things we have no present need for?


(clicks and buys two)


I like to be in America

Okay by me in America

Everything free in America

For a small fee in America

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I don't know the brand. Are you saying you have the same brand, different size Purk?

Mine is made by digicom and look to be identical to what shown on the picture. Well....I bought 4, one to store the L3000, another for the Big O, and the rest for tubes and maybe camera. You can't beat the price though....really.

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I bought 2, but I'm thinking of getting 2 more. Doesn't hurt to have a few laying around for when I do need it. heh

Yep, that what I thought to. You can put your amps in there, few portables as well. That case should fit most headphones. I prefer the look of this case for than the pelican case though.

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