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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!


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Some of the stax plugs are a bit larger than 18mm, so if i recess it

then i have to machine a donut around it.

Will try with the O2 plug later.

I asked this question in the Stax thread, trying to do my panel with Marc's jacks...... apparently, the biggest Stax plugs are 18.5mm in diameter.

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Red is indeed very cool. :cool: Kevin should be the first to fire it up and I probably won't be far behind.

As for the BOM errors, there are no 6K8 resistors, instead there should be four 6k2's. The BOM listed 8*390K but you really need 12. You also require at least four more 10K units, probably more. Since it is such a common value it's a good idea to have some extra.

I also matched the 22K resistors and interestingly none of them were over 22K. You need four matched as close as possible to 22K for the "zener" section.

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