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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!


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Bahaha... my god I can't believe my early morning stupidity =P

I had this funny image of turning a 16 inch long by 3 inch wide rod to make a knob with full size shaft.

For some strange reason I had the same image in my head. I think the reason why we thought this is because of the rest of the design of the amp! I mean once you start offering Platinum knobs, I'd believe a Kryptonite option for sure!

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Don't need that idea.

It would take too long to machine down that much metal from 1.5 to .25.

Besides which i would have to clean up the mess afterwards.

So far the only things that i will not be allowed to machine are

depleted uranium and beryllium.

Tried to do the aluminum one today, but had to go to the ramsey lewis

concert for mlk day instead. With special guest and new professor of music

at northwestern university victor goines. Wow these guys can swing.

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more practical question where does one obtain said depleted uranium?

Working at a univeristy (a chemistry department no less) tends to afford people the ability to obtain interesting items.

I was once sent a catalogue that offered wild type anthrax for sale. So long as the order came from a licensed institution (which we were) I could have bought it.

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my father has been trying to get rid of some sort of radioactive cobalt (I think that's right) for 25 years at his university. Maybe he can give it to KG?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody wants that......

Though if it is indeed cobalt, probably Co-60, it should be fairly inert by now having gone through almost 5 half-lives.

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Boy do i like my new knob :D

Its the perfect size, but maybe i will make a bigger one.

78 grams. It took longer because this is the first time i have

used the NC lathe. Knob and shaft all one piece. Works great.

Will put a dimple in the front later.

Obviously i will be making a few more out of different metals,

and at least one will have a dimple big enough for say a .25 carat

diamond, or maybe a ruby.


depleted uranium is roughly 7 times heavier.

You really do have to break some arms (and a leg or two)

to get enough of this for a knob.

So i was shown a picture of something i really want.

Its an orb, about 6 inches in diameter. It is a constant 84 degrees F.

It is completely non-radioactive from the outside.

Whats inside is 6 different metals, with about 18 grams of plutonium

in the middle. Its a self powered hand warmer. I really have to find

a way to get one.

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