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Prototypers wanted


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The target price for the kit is in the $300 range. That may go up or down a bit depending on how much parts cost us, but we are trying to keep it around there. It doesn't make sense to use a pot that costs 2/3 of the rest of the amp. And it's too big. And, I don't think it makes that much, if any, difference. If you really want an upgrade, I can supply you with some Electra-Print nickel core OPTs which will make a ton more of a difference. Or with one of these: http://assets.head-fi.org/6/6d/6ddc8d48_IMG_0688.JPG I hear they are nice.

Anyway, I think the Noble pots have the same footprint.

They are nice. Nobel probably wouldnt fit, from what I remember from the open one you guys had at Canjam. The pins would work, but the body is larger and sticks out a bit further.

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Did anyone who listened to this amp at CJ try different phones with it? I was meaning to, but got sidetracked and never did. My brother wants me to build this for use with his K501s. Rated impedance of these is 120 ohms.

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I did, with Tom's HF-1(or HF-2 can't remember) and the beezar dac, that little one. It sounded very good to me. Didn't get a chance to talk with Doug, but talked with Tom about the tubes used and the fact that availability shouldn't be a problem, as well as potential tube rolling possibilities.

Maybe there will be more than one set output transformer that could be used by the builder, all having the same pcb footprint.

Maybe we can hear more at a meet soon. Chicago isn't all that far for me.

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Hopefully, I'm getting caught up now after CanJam and will send the stuff out for the L'espressivo Torpedo this weekend. Refreshing my memory by looking through this thread, it looks like the volunteers PM'd Doug. So, if Doug can get me that list I can go about contacting you guys for shipping addresses and Paypal payments.

I'll supply the following:

  • Power transformer (PT) and two output transformers (OPTs)
  • Custom length Hammond case (unfinished)
  • PCB
  • PT heat sink
  • Tube sockets
  • Matched and tested tubes (6J6 - secret's out after CJ)
  • BOM for the remaining parts (not many!)

I can also supply the RK27's and headphone jacks if any of you are interested in those, too.

It's been so long since I ordered the other components, I don't remember the costing, but I'll have that figured out when I contact each of you. Of course - we're not intending to make any profit on the prototyping.:)

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I'd suggest a simple google doc where people can enter what they'd like to order and their paypal address and if it were me I would insist that the address included with the paypal payment be the delivery address. That should make it as easy as possible for you to process and ship the orders and not have to worry about tracking emails, PM's or whatever to try and figure out what goes where.

Just my 2

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Here's a start to the parts list (double check that the parts look reasonable) -- everything is Mouser, with some Digikey options for caps in (). The only things not available from Mouser are perhaps the little heatsinks, though some little screw on ones are likely fine, the parafeed caps, and the tubes/sockets (which are available from Tom.) Oh, and see the choke note below.

C1 10u/400V 661-EKXG401ETD100MJ2

C1L 0.1u 505-MKP4.1/630/10

C1R 0.1u 505-MKP4.1/630/10

C2 100u/400V 661-EKMM401VN101MP30, (P6843-ND)

C2L 4.7u/300V Clarity Cap SA from e-speakers

C2R 4.7u/300V Clarity Cap SA from e-speakers

C3 100u/400V 661-EKMM401VN101MP30, (P6843-ND)

C4 4700/16V 598-SLPX562M025A1P3

C5 10u 647-UPW1H100MDD1TD

D1 1N5062 78-1N5062-TR

D2 1N5062 78-1N5062-TR

D3 1N5062 78-1N5062-TR

D4 1N5062 78-1N5062-TR

D9 512-1N4448

D10 512-1N4448

J1 550-22302

J2 161-4221-E 161-4221-E

J3 DD21 693-DD21.0111.1111 + 693-4301.1405

Q1L BC558 512-BC558BTA

Q1R BC558 512-BC558BTA

Q2L MJE350V 512-MJE350STU

Q2R MJE350V 512-MJE350STU

R1 250K/.5W 594-5073NW270K0J

R2 200/1W 594-5073NW200R0J

R3 200/1W 594-5073NW200R0J

R5L 60K/1W 594-5073NW62K00J

R5R 60K/1W 594-5073NW62K00J

R6L 60K/1W 594-5073NW62K00J

R6R 60K/1W 594-5073NW62K00J

pot 688-RK27112A00CC

choke 546-154H (Hammond 154H -- only 2 left at Mouser!, but digikey, radiodaze, PartsConnexion, AES, etc all have this, or just use a resistor for R2)

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Wow - I didn't see Doug's post before I sent you all the link to my Mouser project, but maybe with both of them it will make things much simpler. I forgot about the little heat sinks, too - I think Doug sent me the ones I used.

I've sent you all the Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation #'s, too. Please let me know if there's any problems with receiving the kits.

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About the only thing item I couldn't find was the switch, I looked up the sizes and 108-1AD1T1710-EVX looked like had the same pin spacing so I went with that.

Plentiful, cheap, and it looks like the right size to me.

As for caps, I also like the paasonics better, and we'll probably use those for the kits, but I wouldn't go out of your way to order them from Digikey unless you are getting other stuff there, too. The influence they have in the circuit is pretty minimal.

Edit: It looks like Mouser is starting to carry Panny caps 667-EET-HC2G101BA is 100u/400V TS-HC which can replace the recommendation above.

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