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Monster on the prowl again.

Tyll Hertsens

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Typical Monster behavior, trying to crush competition before it starts. Smart, too, if you take ethics out of it, but given how they spend their time bullying small business while Noel Lee drives around in a Bentley from West Coast Customs, that's easier said than done.

I was reading through the Blue Jeans Cables' brilliant response to Monster's accusations and one thing caught my eye:

... there is little doubt that making baseless claims of trade dress infringement and design patent infringement is an improper business tactic, which can give rise to unfair competition claims, and for a company of Monster's size, potential antitrust violations with treble damages and attorney's fees.

Is this true? Are there any advocacy groups that can actually make this happen? I would love to see Monster piss off the wrong people, if only it gets them to change their MO, but I don't know if that's likely or realistic.

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