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What are you Grilling now?


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Since I blame Head-Case for getting me started on the BBQ Path, I thought I'd start a thread for Grillin and Chillin folks.

I've mastered steaks, so I've ventured into pork. (other than bacon)

Just finished a nice low and slow set of Baby Back Ribs. Apple wood chunks for smoke, indirect on my Big Steel Keg. Cooked them at 225 F for 8 hours, with 300 F for 1 hour at the end for the final sauce glaze for that nice candy coating. Fall of the bone, indeed.


The third rack is missing from the photo because it's been eaten. smile.png

I use an Auber Instruments temperature controller so I can be extremely lazy about "setting and forgetting". And with a nine hour cook, it's nice to have the peace of mind.



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Ed, that looks great! I'm not using the Keg as much as before since getting the Taeger. I use it mostly for steaks and pizza. I need to do some low and slow on it this weekend. As for T'giving which we are celebrating tomorrow due to my mother in law getting out of the hospital tomorrow, I will be smoking a turkey on the the Traeger and the other will be deep fried in peanut oil.

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Did a small dinner for my small family (no relatives this year, first Thanksgiving by ourselves, actually).

The Turkey was really easy and really fast (compared to doing Pork, LOL). Took only 2 hours at 325F. A little bit of Apple wood in the beginning. Basted every 20 minutes after the first hour. Was done an hour later. 2 hours cook time for around 8 lbs of turkey breast (bone in). This one looks better than it tasted, at least to me. The skin was not crisp, perhaps I should've skipped the basting process? Likely better to have used a sugared glaze at the last half hour to get the crispiness.

I think I'll have to try brining next time, while it was very very juicy and tender, it was kind of bland for my tastes, but my wife likes turkey, the plainer the better. Yuck.

Then again, I'm not a huge fan of turkey to begin with. Pork, pork, pork.......

Hrm, I'm going to have to try tri tip or brisket next. smile.png



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Leave it to Ed to put a "tech spin" on slow cooking. All you need is an app to monitor the temp and do adjustments from your blackberry!

LOL, uh, speaking of which...


I put my Panasonic wireless Netcam next to the Auber's LCD read out so I can remotely monitor the temps from my computer, phone, etc. Ultimate tech laziness. Well, with an 8+ hour cook, it's nice to be able to check quickly while doing other stuff.

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I BBQ'ed our turkey for 6 hours with mesquite chips rosemary and onion rub at 220-255 degrees via an analog thermometer, a pan of water for high humidity cooking. Sides were wild and long grain rice, shrooms and a funky yam maple syrup with peppermint oil and heavy helpings of pinot.

Pics will be posted next week once I pick them up from Costco............... I am the alternet universe Edwood. azn.gif

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Al, well done. Greg, pick up pictures at Costco. How were you able to find the interwebs and not stumble across a digital camera?

And it begins. Started with an hour on smoke. I rubbed butter mixed with garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper on top of and under the skin. This should go about 6 hours at 225. I will fry the other turkey around 3:30. I put a pan under the turkey to catch the drippings to use with the two necks for gravy.


5 hours in and about 10 to 15 degrees to go:


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