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What are you Grilling now?


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Sigh... the ribs we bought have a bit of a not so great smell to them. It was from the butcher but I know that this place takes them out of the cryo-vac and puts them in the butcher case. I would have taken them back and got my money back but hubby wants to cook them. I am terrified of food poisioning. Now, we have 4 rack of ribs on the smoker that I am afraid to eat. Any thoughts rib masters?

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Al, that looks awesome. I think I will try something like that next on the smoker!!!

Unfortunately, I got the ribs from a good grocery/specialty store (and not a butcher shop). I ended just getting my money back. I didn't want to risk making everyone sick on Thanksgiving (although it might have been ok). We had too much food without the ribs (including a small rotisserie turkey I made) but it would have been nice to have some ribs.

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