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What are you Grilling now?

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Having an infrared side burner on the grill is pretty fucking awesome. Thanks for the tip Marc. Indirect heat @225F for 30 minutes and then a 30 second sear per side on the infrared burner.

Put on my fairy wings this morning.   

Smoked chuck roast. Much better than I expected. And a great excuse to use plenty of horseradish cream sauce.

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48 minutes ago, Grahame said:

Does the Brisket Fairy have a case for IP infringement?

He provided the recipe so presumably he (pre)approved the infringement? 

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Steve bought the makings of a couple of feasts at Costco yesterday, so Claire and I made one last night. Grilled halibut two ways, grilled marinated shrimp, green beans with shitakes and shallots, and corn. Claire also made a strawberry-blueberry galette but I don't have a pic. I'm still full.




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Decided to try some non-brisket things on the Traeger.

1. 3-2-1 ribs (rubbed, used too much brown sugar, will adjust down next time, but still came out great)



After 3hrs in the smoke



2. Bacon wrapped armadillo eggs (stuffed jalapeños wrapped in sausage) 





^^^These were delicious. 

Also, definitely not sad that I went with the bigger model Ironwood as I also tossed some chicken breasts on there for good measure and didn't have to to use the second shelf and worry about cross pollination from the non-pork product.

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I want an armadillo egg so hard, right now. Fuck those look good. Did you pack ground sausage around the jalapeños and then the bacon? Whatever it is I want it. 

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1 hour ago, Voltron said:

I want an armadillo egg so hard, right now. Fuck those look good. Did you pack ground sausage around the jalapeños and then the bacon? Whatever it is I want it. 

Yes, "traditional" armadillo eggs are just* sausage packed jalapeños stuffed with one's choice of cream cheese and cheese (that's my choice) and some add BBQ rub or spices too but I prefer au naturel.  But then I found the recipe that said to wrap them in bacon and I was like, "Why the fuck not?" I definitely got a look or two while preparing them, but all objections were silenced upon sampling.  I'm now imagining working any leftover bits, if there are such a thing, into an omelette.  Because life deserves complicated breakfast.

* Note that there is nothing just about non-bacon wrapped armadillo eggs. They too are delicious.  But, you know, bacon and all that.


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Trying the next brisket experiment on the Traeger. 


It's a 4lb (trimmed) point so we'll see how this turns out compared to the flat that I did previously.  It was a bit of a bizarre cut, I think that they actually cut the whole point off of the flat so the right hand side (as shown above) is pretty floppy and unsupported. I'll likely end up turning half of this or so into burnt ends to go along with some traditional brisket slices tonight for dinner. 

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It was a little heavy on the sale and pepper but other wise turned out good. I took the right 1/3 and turned it into burnt ends, those came out better.


and "Super Smoke" mode on the Ironwood appears to do the job.


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Decided to have a little fun with the Traeger since it is, in essence, a wood-fired oven.  My parent's watched the kids one day this week and picked up some fresh peaches so I figured it was time for cobbler, round 2.

lnitial phase



Mid Cook





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