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What are you Grilling now?


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I did sous vide picanha for the first time today. A simple rub of spices, smoked salt and olive oil, then cooked in the bath at 133F for 6 hours. The 'grill' part comes from very briefly finishing on the pellet grill, just one minutes a side, with the flame box open and the temp at the absolute highest I could get it, about 700F! Served with fresh chimichurri, I was in meat heaven.


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This thread has been entirely too dormant.  Got invited over to a friends for BBQ, couldn't go for various reasons.  Decided to solve the problem myself.  Unpictured, rack of ribs, pictured, 4lb pork butt. Cooked it to 180 internal before wrapping to try to get more bark/flavor and decided to try beer instead of apple juice this time in the wrap because, well, I was drinking. 



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This thread really dropped off the map.

I had to replace the heating element in my old Traeger, but it turned out to be quite easy and very cheap on Amazon. I re-christened the smoker with three racks of baby backs. 


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