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    Growing up in Chicago it's some of the little things that are much more fun about Nevada. After a 30 cruise through the mountains stopping on main Street Virginia city for some BBQ, parallel parked across from the sheriff office. Also it may look like its just me but there were quite a few other side by sides parked at various places. SxS plus dirt bikes and atvs make up a surprising amount of the traffic in VC. And open carry. It's a different world.
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    Well, I ran my favorite event, The Texas Mile (standing Mile), last weekend for the first time since parting out my beloved blue 2009 Challenger...Old School. The Demon did well for what she is. Had some colorful top of the track moments as after the half mile the front end would swing left to right increasingly as speeds increased. Drag racing suspension. Thought the “Sport” setting would address the excitement but not so much. Finally...found the fix in the “Street” suspension mode...don’t ask. Couldn’t explain it if I tried but I was grateful as I could finally enjoy the full passes. Following are a few pics. vroom vroom... HS
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    That is it plus any energy storage in the bias supply in general is a poor idea. It has to be a super high impedance supply from a performance and safety perspective so storing anything after the ballast resistor is just poor engineering. If one was going to do that (no idea why though) you would need a rather high value series resistor to negate the effect of the charge on the diaphragm.
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    If there is a diaphram arc due to very large excursion, the extra stored energy will cause damage to the diaphram
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    Good reflection Sechtdamon
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    I think the tracks from To the Bone (which didn't really do all that much for me) work better interspersed with the other tracks, and I really dig the track, "People Who Eat Darkness" as sung by Ninet. He plays several tracks that would have made me very happy -- "Ancestral", "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here", "Sleep Together", "Even Less". I'm actually tempted to go up to Philly at the end of November to see him, though I'm sure it will be an entirely different setlist by then.
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    2018 CanAm Maverik XRS Jeeps are fun too, but a totally different experience. I just love being able to hammer the trails like a trophy truck in addition to crawling. I am like 60 minutes from the rubicon BTW, I would love to do that some day. Sadly and quite confusingly all my friends that are hardcore into Jeeps and crawling are back in Chicago.
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    I do not know what the rest think but here is my opinion about the situation: Expectations make you a marketer. Why do you approach here like giving away 3200 euro worth AMP? For who the AMP worths 3200 euro? For you. Aren't you angry and/or resentful now because you were actually expected something and it did not fulfilled? Are not "giving away"s part of the marketing? Don't you expect something when you give away something? For that situation you at least expected to be known as a "nice guy who gives away free stuff" by members of this comnunity? Or with giving away something to a member of this comnunity maybe you want to feel better cuz you actually learn things from here which you use for making this amplifier what it is? I cannot know what did you expected, but I'm sure you were expecting something. Let me tell you something suprising. We are not dogs of Pawlow. You'd be (maybe, well at least by me) welcomed here if your offer were: "hey guys, I made an amplifier and want one of you test it and give the honest opinion about it to me" You expected we are the part of the crowd you used to interact. But in fact we are not. So scram. Take your time as long as you want, but, scram. Or leave the part of your personality that bothers us behind while posting here. But this opinion actually points out you are not welcomed here as long as you are you we see. And also why do you name a valuable lesson as punishment? One more thing I want to be clear: I do not care about you or your AMP. I just take this situation as food for thought. Tell me my friend, how do you like this speech?
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    I switched my mountain bike from clips to standard petals after my last cash. I was doing a climb and my when about half way through the down stroke on the foot towards the outside of the trail.. my chain snapped. Trail was about 3ft wide myself attached to the bike went tumbling down the slope only about 10ft before getting thankful stuck in a bush. Much happier and consistently less server when I crash now, but the mountain bike is a week day thing and it's the weekend so 300xc it is.
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    Been waiting to play this one since Record Store Day (and promised to pass along to @Absorbine_Sr after I've checked it out. Super clean recording as I begin...
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    cavalli liquid carbon massdrop version rail splitter cth and spark are similar railsplitter.PDF
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    Chili is in the crock pot, cornbread just came out of the oven.
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    Fish and Chips A la Francais ... (Sea Bass) Pommes Frites Pork Belly Creme Brûlée Chocolate Mousse And to finish ... (Mint tea and Cappuccino)
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    RIP Alexander Hyland, 25, Elementary school teacher, Tacoma, WA. My buddy Alex died yesterday. He had a brain tumor and after multiple surgeries and treatments, just couldn't beat it. One of the last things he said to me was "I'm Scared." He was one of the most interesting people I've met, even though I've known him but a short time. I met him through Mensa when I first went to a Mensa of Western Washington event. His mother (our prez) introduced us, and we hit it off immediately. A formidable foe in a match of wits, and on more than one occasion he wore a shirt that said "I had brain surgery; what's your excuse?" He wore this while wearing gauze on his head covering electrodes tied to basically an industrial strength TENS unit mated to his head, in a bag he carried around. At the end, his mother wouldn't let anyone but close family in to the hospital to see him, even though he had many friends who wanted to be there. It feels like he died alone, even though we were just outside the proverbial door. We had some good conversations in the weeks leading up to his passing, but this one hurts. He was my favorite person of the new people I've met here, and I've lost too many fucking people lately. We planned on having a drink together, but with his meds when we met, we couldn't. By the time we could, it was too late. Alex, tonight, for you, I'll bring out the biggest gun I have -- usually saved for celebrations, but today, in memoriam.
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