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    built a thing to improve our view.
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    Just finished designing the GRHV79xxx, which is the negative rail. I'm going to order some boards and test it out as well. Maybe add this to the group buy if it works On the testing front I'm done test the GRHV78xxx. I've made one small change to the board and will test that as well, but looks good. The GR78xx-Micro looks good and will test the GR79xx-Micro shortly. Michael is making some progress as well and I hope we can get this moving sooner rather than later PS I'm happy using the 7V reference. It requires less current which reduces heat and works well.
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    Last night, went to LobsterFest!
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    Maybe I'm just projecting with the benefit of knowing what lied ahead for the band, but listening to these extras the guys just sound creatively and emotionally spent compared to the energy in the extras for the Super Deluxe edition of the White album a few years back. Interesting nevertheless.
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    Synth nerd humor. Greenland. Arctic twilight by Paul Nicklen.
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    "In the white room with black curtains near the station …" Oh guys. I love that fucking song. The drums of Baker, the SG with Wah of Clapton, the bass of Bruce and that crazy letter.
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    I must buy that - the whole idea of Domingo and Norman in Lohengrin is just too awesome. We were lucky enough to see one of the other three tenors - Jose Carreras - in one of Hampton Court Palace quadrangles, maybe 20 years ago. We had seats in about row four (on a corporate hospitality junket). In my rush to get to our seats, Carole said "did you see who you just shouldered out of the way?" - "er, no" "John Cleese". Oops. He was about ten rows behind us... That was one hell of a treat. VIP seats dead centre about ten feet from Carreras, with piano accompaniment.
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    Took an early lunch to watch The Red Arrows fly over The Golden Gate as part of their North American Tour, 2019 Nice day!
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Nothing special yesterday, taught my classes, had dinner at Smashburger with Peter, took him to his SAT prep class then home for the evening. Still a bit worried about this present though
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    RIP Rhymes.. RIP Jessye... Will listen to one of the recordings I have when I get home. (ed: oops - I meant the copy of Lohengrin)
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    RIP Jessye Norman, one of the finest classical sopranos there have been. In full glory as Sieglinde in die Walkure https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49887748
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