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  1. Joe Satriani - Strange Beautiful Music (SACD)
  2. Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 9
  3. No one better claim those K1K's sound thin with those drivers angled out so much. I like mine closer to the cage. Much better tonal balance
  4. I got my ass whoopin out of the way from the start. Kind of like jumping in cold water as apposed to the little at a time method. Better to be a full on , then conform - now go bash a headphone you haven't heard and get some
  5. Yeah, thanks that was a great read and interesting.
  6. I'm with you on this one, but Bear would disagree:
  7. I love that show. Too bad he's done with it. He's a regular guy that never goes overboard. He gets impatient, gets scarred, screws up, and that's what I like about it. Very entertaining. Man vs Wild dude has some pretty crazy credentials, but I always get the feeling like he's trying to prove something or has this underlying insecurity that drives him to accomplish things rather than just wanting to play his role in the show. Plus he's a lunatic. Tell us that we can drink our piss. You don't actually have to do it... freak! Les is great! And the original.
  8. X3 I think he made his contribution and lived a complete life. He will be missed.
  9. ^ You are a master with the camera! Great pics.
  10. The reason he's able to judge within seconds of hearing is because all he does is ask "do I own these?" if yes, then they are the best thing ever. "If no", then I don't understand how anyone could like them, they are horrible. - you're ears are much more evolved Looked like an ideal meet (not too large). Wish I could have made it. Keep the impressions coming
  11. Oh, so it is I learned that same thing in my speed reading class in high school 1,000 years ago, and I'd say it is worth while if you do it regularly which I did for a short time. Or you can just drive in commute traffic in a big city. That will have your eyes flipping all over the place.
  12. 909 without actually playing the video, the dude looks like Paul McCartney.
  13. I have better than 20/20 vision, but I found out that I have an astigmatism (very slight). The doctor gave me some glasses just for the computer (other than that no need), and my eyes don't fatigue nearly as much when I wear them. It might be worth checking out. BTW, there's no glare prevention with my glasses.
  14. Happy Birthday guys! Have a great one.
  15. LOL too funny. The signature high frequency spike directly injected into the ear. Pretty scary stuff.
  16. Anyone else think Grado is beefing up to get bought out? All this "i" stuff and now IEMs I know it's a stretch but wondered if this has crossed anyone's mind.
  17. You should definitely hear a stat. That's like a rite of passage as an audiophile.
  18. I didn't hear the BH imposing too much of it's own sound signature on the O2s either. It does have its own sound, but I felt that it didn't add much coloration, if any. Congrats on a great set up!
  19. I found the highs rolled on the O2s even with the BH. Did you notice? Nice impressions. I think stats in general resolve detail better than most dynamics aside from maybe the Qualias (haven't heard HD800). I just couldn't get into the O2s when I was dead set on getting them a couple of years back. I love hearing the technical stuff they offer. I am a fan but just not enough to add to the fold. I guess it's a preference thing. Even with speakers, stats just don't give me the long term pleasure, but technically, they are incredible for sure . K-1000s just have that magic that works for me. That emotional connection with minimal coloration aaawwww. We did a shoot out at Neil's house HE-90, K-1000, O2 and the K-1000, O2 were on the same level and depended on preference, but we all agreed the HE-90 was on a level all it's own when dialed in. That being said, the HE-90s had the same long term affect and are not my favorite phones. But technically they are the best phones I've heard. Glad you had fun, and yes, sitting back with speakers is takes things into a whole new stratosphere.
  20. Did a good job keeping this one under the radar.
  21. Guess the JH13s will have to wait. I wonder if I can sell my piss afterwards to recoup some of the cost
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