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  1. You can buy the MK2 black parts like headband unit, but they say SR-007MK2 on the top of the leather part of the headband. Sorta like putting a Fiat badge on a 911 And the cable would still be brown.
  2. Those switchbacks look nasty at Xavier speeds
  3. One and a half black and white cookies?
  4. I mean in relation to the price of the Extreme. Even a pair of Cinemags would run a bit under $200.
  5. http://www.piecesoftime.net/
  6. That cover is not quite as good as this one
  7. Sounds like a Mikhail premium add on option; SP Extreme with source built in. Except you only get gospel. That twisted jerk.
  8. Could it be a Ham radio operator broadcast? My phono-stage used to pick up a low level Ham broadcast some nights. It was very low in the noise floor, you could just make it out when the stylus moved into the lead out groove.
  9. Oh jeez the Reks curse. Those were troubling times.
  10. Someone point Fitz to this thread, tell him there is a watch he must see
  11. This is pretty bizarre. Input transformers seems like overkill, and the good ones aren't cheap.
  12. Heh my ulnar process juts out freakishly far on both wrists. Wrist mildly inverted and flexed. I should have taken pictures of the fat atrophy that occurred on the left wrist from wearing a proper fitting Rado for a while. I prefer watches with leather straps these days.
  13. Why? I don't mind YGs Tape plus Blue Hawaii must have been so good.
  14. The balanced inputs do use Cinemag transformers to convert to S/E?... more than likely the differences I was hearing.
  15. IME the older Headroom amps I've heard sound different balanced. With the GS-X and ECBA the S/E to balanced differences are small. I actually prefer S/E on the BA.
  16. Terribly sorry to hear about your loss Mike Rest in peace Denver.
  17. Anyone up for a H-C game tomorrow night? Brent's last night before he leaves
  18. deepak

    Top Gear

    A solid season, but let down by the finale. Mark Weber is no Kimi when it comes to the humor... Any veteran viewers care to explain Jeremy's dislike of the 911, does it have to do with Hammond and May owning them? Besides this silly unfounded hate of the electric steering with the 991, IMO it is one of those near perfect cars.
  19. I am going to sit out of all FF this year. Sorry guys :'(
  20. http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/08/07/john-carmack-leaves-id-becomes-oculus-vrs-new-chief-technical-officer/ Pretty cool to have him behind Rift
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