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  1. Hey thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it. Al I did not get the Hyperspace, the price was IMO a bit on the high side and the seller did not want to budge much at all even with the offer to pick it up at his door step. I am sure I will come up with something nice for myself for the 30th, though I've already blown too much on vinyl in a couple of months. Had a great relaxing day (tough past few days at work which will continue in the coming months), we had dinner with my parents and I'm now listening to an LP of Santana III way louder than I should be, the bass on these puny electrostatic speakers shaking some things up. Proper celebrating will commence next week in Singapore and Malaysia where we're looking forward to seeing some of my old friends, enjoy street food and of course shopping.
  2. There is a Nott Hyperspace on Audiogon that is a couple of hours from me. An early birthday present dew eet or not? I have a Spacedeck which I love. IIRC someone told me the heavy platter for the Spacedeck was a down grade. So I am not sure if it's a similar thing with the really high mass Hyperspace platter?
  3. Happy belated birthday Jimmy, hope it was a good one!
  4. Sadly I am pretty fanatical about it There are hundreds of pages/threads I refer to numerous times. In comparison my tagging/organizing of music on hardrives is terrible.
  5. I used to use Delicious, until without announcement they switched to a new system and I lost around 20% of my bookmarks. I've now mostly moved everything over to Google Bookmarks. The tagging isn't as seamless as it was on the old Delicious.
  6. If you guys can stock up on 2sa1968 I would do that, our Sato batch was genuine Doesn't the Megatron use it in the CCS?
  7. I felt the same. Seemed more bitter and flat to me.
  8. Happy birthday Jack, hope it was a great one buddy!
  9. Any Micro Seiki experts here, thoughts on how the 5000/8000 turntables sound?
  10. Vicki it is a beautiful bike, I am one of those cold soulless carbon fellows and I think that bike is a real looker. Congrats on owning her.
  11. Finished Netflix season 4 of Arrested Development. Overall I felt slightly under whelmed. The show works best as the full dysfunctional family; dedicating an entire episode (plus they are 30 minutes instead of 22) to a single character felt off though there were some great ones like GOB and Buster. Loved the Fake Block plot as well.
  12. "19) We have recently introduced a two channel A/D converter that will output both PCM and DSD. But this converter has a few tricks up its sleeves. Specifically we have taken a page from the "What is so great about DSD" manual and applied it to PCM. And it turns out that with quad rate PCM you can get ALL OF THE SONIC ADVANTAGES OF DSD WITH NONE OF THE PRACTICAL DISADVANTAGES." What does he mean by applying what is great about DSD to PCM? By his previous points it doesn't sound like it has any advantages over high res PCM. Also is quad rate PCM = 24/176.4 or some other novel thing?
  13. Glad to hear there will be more of these out in the wild
  14. Cheap too, roughly the cost of a used Extreme
  15. deepak


    http://www.amazon.com/Europe-72-Vol-Grateful-Dead/dp/B005VMHB6S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377035179&sr=8-1&keywords=grateful+dead+europe+vol+2+vinyl $70 everywhere else. Just got mine and it sounds fantastic (shit did I just admit to my Deadhead tendencies? )
  16. ironbut offers sound advice. I went through a bunch of 6DJ8s when I had a Melos wondering why so many tubes were noisy. On the majority of them it turned out it was the pins oxidizing.
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