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  1. Al Voltron hope you are well too my friend Five days off in a row for me, so hoping to spend some quality Case time. Going to spin the MM reissue of GO now.
  2. Music Matters? Anyone heard their latest 33 rpm releases? I turned down their offer to be a subscriber since they are repeating titles they have already done at 45 rpm, which IMO makes little sense. I did get Blue Train (mono) and Idle Moments which sound awesome.
  3. Elrog will be making a new production 300b
  4. The PDF says to use BL, but I found some 2sk289-GR from an old BDent order (thank you hoarding), would it be ok to replace these in both channels?
  5. I think you are right, the 10 ohm is the ballast resistor for the 389 :/
  6. 107 mv drop across each of the 22 ohm resistors in both channels. Across the 10 ohm resistor 118 mv in right channel, 290 mv in left channel
  7. Thank you Marc, I'll get to this in a week or so. EM it's a really great phono, I have had mine for a long time. With my 2.5 mv cartridge there wasn't much difference between it and a retail Ono. I am using a NAD PP-2 as backup and just from a couple of hours listening last night I am missing the Pearl. I am going to build Salas' Valve Itch next (w/o stepup)
  8. Thanks Marc, will do that. The PDF was still up on their site, just not posted anywhere. Found it from
  9. I noticed a channel imbalance in my Pearl phono. It appeared out of the blue, was working fine up until a few days ago. Anyone have any suggestions where to begin trouble shooting? Does anyone still have the schematic/build PDF? Pass DIY site only has the Pearl 2. It is the phono, I've isolated every other component including the cartridge. And I'm getting perfect channel balance with another stand alone phono.
  10. If you ever plan to explore the tube side of things I like Morgan Jones Valve Amp book, and the 4th edition is available digitally. IMO it's more practical information for non-EE's. free resources- VALVE magazine: http://www.bottlehead.com/VALVEarchive/default.htm Vacuum Tube Valley: http://www.vacuumtubevalley.com/Magazines/
  11. Happy Festivus and a swell new year!
  12. Happy birthday Ken, I hope it was a great one!
  13. I've never seen an 8500, but a calibrated D8000 plasma does look very good.
  14. EletronLuv are inspired by Sakuma's circuits. IMO Frank's designs are more modern and probably neutral.
  15. So not much changed this year? Good thing I sat it out For next year maybe:
  16. IIRC microprocessor controlled DC motor.
  17. From the engineer of Micro Seikis. TechDas Air Force 2... drool -Air bearing and vacuum hold-down techniques, which have been transmitted from Air Force One. -Sits on four feet, employing a newly developed oil damping air suspension system. -Platter weighing 10 kg is machined precisely out of solid aluminum (A5056) -Chassis frame structure made of aluminum casting (AC4C) achieves maximum intensity and workability. Dual layer structure has successfully increased vibration absorption and lowered center of gravity. -Fits with a 9 or 10 inch tonearm on the regular right hand side position. Also, a second 9, 10 or 12inch tonearm can be mounted with an optional extra tonearm base on the rear left hand side.
  18. The redirect takes you a forum about "Welcome to JJB: a leading source for the latest celebrity news, celebrity pics, TV show spoilers, movie reviews, make-up tips and fashion advice" I hope the ham sandwich was worth it posty
  19. Happy birthday Haj, hope it was a great one buddy!
  20. I sent my Pass monoblocks back to Pass to get recapped (was getting a touch of 120 hz hum; great customer service btw), so I spent a few days getting reacquainted with the HD800 with some new vinyl- Maiden Voyage, A Love Supreme and Blonde on Blonde all 45 rpm reissues. Still rank up there with Omega 1 and 2 as my all time favorites. And in the dark when I drift into the music they sorta project the sound in a way like the ESL63 do. I've also been using the BA as a preamp which is really nice.
  21. Happy birthday Gene, I hope you had a great day!
  22. Todd, offer to sell them the domain for 1 million Dwolla Then move H-C to http://headplace.freeforums.org/index.php
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