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  1. I read this BB finale speculation on another forum and it made me laugh: Usual Suspects ending with Walt Jr. revealing (as he walks away without crutches or any sign of a limp) that the entire series was his elaborate manipulation of his parents to get them ridiculously rich and then off each other so he can safely inherit it.
  2. Does anyone have any good reading material on the differences between M6, HIB silicon steel, amorphous and nanocrystaline cores for transformers?
  3. The mods are documented by Tyll on Inner Fidelity. Basically some foam/fabric material lining the inside earcup to kill some treble ringing. Also mild FR smoothing around 6 Khz.
  4. JMHO for me the modded 800 with BA were better than the BH/007mk1 or KGSS/007mk1. I love the 007, they will always have a special spot, just like the SR-O. I've had a chance to hear the 009 with BH in quiet settings on a few occasions and they never moved me. Even when PJ had them for as low as $3300 I didn't feel I wanted to buy one. Stax did something really right with the SR-O, black magic or whatever With the Gilmore Lite I don't think the 800 are as special. I'm not sure if it's the DHTyness of the BA or higher output Z, but that combo clicks for me.
  5. The most perfect Stax ever made . If they had SR-007 mk1 reliability I would have kept them even if I very rarely listened to headphones. Not to go all HPA, but the modded HD800 are pretty close in terms of tone. And they have superior imaging. But lack that ethereal soundstage only the SR-O could do.
  6. I think overall the WGA list is pretty solid, many lesser known but excellent shows made the list. Much of what is in the top 20 predates me, so I am not too familiar with them. Though Mad Men is a well written show, it's something I put on if I need to fall asleep.
  7. http://www.wga.org/content/default.aspx?id=4925
  8. deepak

    The Wire

    Steve Earle was one of my stand out favorites
  9. KBT, one that has been around forever and has lots of replacement parts available.
  10. I've been using a manual poor over the last couple of weeks. I'm preferring it to the Aero, even though it's a much bigger pain in the ass to use and takes roughly 10 minutes once you factor in grind time. So I'm considering a Technivorm 741 now
  11. Really nice work Frank. I was priveledged to see Kerry's P2P work on the GES in person; a thing of beauty!
  12. deepak

    The Wire

    Any of you Wire viewers watch Oz? It's not as good (no where near), but I'd be curious about what people thought of it. I am half way through S3 of Oz and it's not bad; it touches on many of the same issues as The Wire.
  13. deepak


    The apps is a big reason why I wish we could use the regular client.
  14. deepak


    Let us know how you like it. Currently streaming Big John Patton over the omnis while cooking. Having access to a huge chunk of Blue Note's catalog is so damn nice.
  15. deepak


    Those of you with Spotify Premium accounts looking to stream to your DAC, check out Fidelify: http://www.fidelify.net/ Works great for me. The stock client has a better interface, so I hope the devs incorporate ASIO or WASAPI into it at some point.
  16. His general demeanor makes up for his shittyness. He usually made me inadvertently laugh on the inside when he was on screen.
  17. Who are the non-loathsome characters on The Sopranos? The only ones I can think of are maybe a few guys in the FBI; all minor characters. And Paulie. I've attempted to watch this again (I watched it all a couple of years after it ended), but I just can't bring myself to do it. First time I watched it I sort of glossed over how annoying Tony actually is.
  18. deepak

    The Abyss

    If I didn't read the word Abyss in your post that pretty much describes the TakeT to a... T
  19. deepak

    Top Gear

    You can't be called a petrol head with electric!!
  20. Milk was a bad choice
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