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  1. Not too much for such a repair, hm?
  2. Since David Byrne will be on tour again, it's time to go with this:
  3. Hah, my bet is that to remove this glass will be the first thing people will try.
  4. I thought that perhaps later revisions (if there are any) of their already available goods were improved. But this aside, do you think that even in the context of their price they suck big time?
  5. Brilliant this one is. And since KingSound was mentioned here, how you good people here find their headphones these days as far as their price goes?
  6. That one on the right, this would do it for me I think.
  7. Newborn + me + hospital. Daily routine for several days now.
  8. Defiant Ones - documentary about Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. Very good stuff, about four hours long, divided into four episodes.
  9. R.I. P. Mr Bowie. And Happy B-Day.
  10. I like Utopias more as well, that goes without saying, we're on the same page here. Though my point was that not many people have heard HD 800 at its finest.
  11. A REALLY good amp, yes. So much potential in HD 800. Still, with most things they sound very average. I tend to think that Utopias are much more easygoing.
  12. I've had a pleasure to listen to HPA-1 at my own place and I think it's a great amp. But it also was outstanding as a preamplifier in the stereo setup. Lack of RC and XLR inputs wasn't a problem for me. Can't say how it competes against DIY though.
  13. Not posh enough Just pick one and roll with it
  14. Yup, I've experienced this too. The sound is less open with headrest, at least that's how it is at my place.
  15. As peasant as this might sound, I'm enjoying my IKEA Poang + footrest.
  16. Was it made as an experiment just for the sake of trolling people?
  17. Right, once this happens, I'll be the first in line to listen to. Seriously though, I look forward to that.
  18. I'm no LampizatOr pusher and I think that I get your point. Recently I've heard Thoress integrated amp and the guy who makes them was very specific that he uses one specific tube because it does the job better than any other and that changing it in his circuitry is rather pointless. All this I get and I also am able to grasp that Nelson Pass pulled of things in his F7, which most other manufactures would probably sell for five times more. There are engineers who have - I don't know how to call it - a deeper understanding of the subject or they simply know more, that's how I see it. Not sure, maybe you are one of them, I've heard some very nice things about your goods as well. Still, I don't see myself as delusioned person as far as audio goes. I share my office with a journo who reviews at least several usually expensive products per month. Point being, over the years of working near the man I've heard way too many things to gush over audio products. I'm past this, new toys became a routine. But subjectively speaking I haven't yet heard a DAC which would be better than GG we share, everything else we've tried gets murdered and there were some fancy sources here alright. Not sure what exactly, but Fikus has to do something right in order to pull this off. I can't explain this in any other way.
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