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CES 2012 Headphones


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Cost of materials, labor, shipping and utilities have all gone up considerably in the past few years. Creating 1000 items costs more now then in the past (as a generalization- obviously cost of some items, especially electronics go down.) Ramping up production to hundreds of thousands will save you per unit. But what indication do we have that Sennheiser is making the HD800 at a higher rate than a few years past? Assuming quantity is the same cost goes up - the only thing that should go down is error as any good manufacturer can tweak their production line over time.

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I hope that the new Philips line will introduce some changes in the consumer perception and in the way how headphones are priced. I have strong feeling that Sennheiser headphones become a good buy after five or so years after they are introduced. Maybe it worked some time back but now... We might see some new kids on the can scene to challenge them.

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whether the cost to produce the 800 went up or not, it's not a significant factor in the price. The price is "what the market will bear" and now the bear she done got bigger.

^ this

And the Philips phones look pretty interesting.

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Uh, I like headphones?

Finished painting my place the weekend before last and have my audio rig in a more prominent place in the appartment now... your wood has been getting lots of compliments. (all the way from texas too, quite a feat laugh.png )

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