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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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You mean you broke it while riding it, or taking it apart? If the former, they should cover it. This shit shouldn't break. What kind of IGH is this?


It broke while riding. 


from my reading, he broke it doing what they asked him to do (take it apart)


Nope. Parts were totally pulverized. 

It went back together just fine. 


My guess is that the one pawl got stuck closed (the little spring that pops it open was out of place), I shifted into low (which opens the pawls) which put 1AriPower onto the one pawl by its self and it couldn't handle the power.


The pawl broke into 3 or 4 large chunks, and many many sand-sized pieces. 


BTW for the MD/VA/DC climbers, maybe we should try this next year?




4,300 feet over 73 miles or 2,220 over 32 miles.


Lets do it!

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SRAM Electronic finally spotted:




I wonder when it will come out. I don't know but I do know that the Calfee will almost certainly get upgraded to it once it's out of the OEM only phase and available with the hydraulic rim braking system (I have no interest in disc brakes for road).

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For rides with a lot of climbing, The Civil War Century is a good option. I did a short leg of this ride this year. Registration is in April, the ride will be, I believe, the first weekend on Sept.


For the century, 6900 ft climbing. Most of the climbing happens in the first 80 miles.


I like:

-It is a lot of climbing, the first large hills are stepped and give your legs a little bit of time to semi-recover, but not much, he he.

-There is a "bail-out" 65-70 mile branching point with an easy down hill ride to the starting point. At this junction, most of the climbing has been done, I think there is only around ~700ft of climbing left.

-Good staffed rest stops and a decent lunch after the ride. (luncheon meat, sandwiches, salads, fruit, etc.)

-Cheap, $30 (this year) which included all the goodies are rest stops and lunch after the ride.

-Cars were OK and I never felt threatened...


-Don't like:

-There is very little room for "warming up" before the first big climb hits you.

-One hour drive from Rockville. But it is a straight shot on I-270, then Rt-15.

-There were people waiting for SAG vehicle for quite a while. 1-2hr wait, not uncommon. (It is all volunteer work, so it depends in the number of SAG cars they are able to get)



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^ That's pretty cool but not useful at all for me.


So my current day-dreaming while code is running activity is looking at retardedly light wheels other than Mad Fiber (RIP :() I want to upgrade to 11 speed at some point so I'll need a 11 speed compatible system.


Anyone intersted in some Neuvation C50 tubular wheels? I never use them. Cheap :)

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Good luck if you ever have to true the wheels.  Hidden spoke nipples on a tubular rim turns a 2 minute truing job into a day of work since you need to peel off and reglue the tire.  Better hope that the wheel was built right, fully stress relieved, and that you never knock it out of true, cause if you do you're out a wheel for at least a day while the glue dries.

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