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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Once the shop opens I'll give them a call and see if they have an issue with me hanging out and watching the build. I assume not but I'll make sure. I'm thinking of leaving for the afternoon. I'd already planned on tomorrow off so this works out well.

Super excited.

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Areius, I know zip about mountain bikes, but I hope that's one you'll like once you get it the way you want.

It's a newer version of my current bike so I'm definitely going to love it.

It's made from Dedacciai SAT 14.5 tubing which is usually found on road bikes.

15lbs 1oz all up with power meter and bottle cages wub.png


But you gotta knock that last ounce off it and get it right to the UCI limit. tongue.png

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First ride was great other than needing to put carbon paste on the seat post because it kept slipping.

The bike is amazing. I would compare it to the Giant as I would imagine a Ferrari vs a Lamborghini. Both are very fast one is just more refined. Very happy with the purchase. So stiff but forgiving over the bumps.

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That is a sick looking cycle Chris, glad you are really happy with it.

aerius I love the Kona frame. I was heavily into mtb'ing around 97-02, my first good bike was a Rockhopper. I always lusted for Kona back then (along with the long travel Judy fork :) ), but couldn't afford it as a HS student. I don't think their new line has as much of the character of the old stuff; the thin tubes, blaring loud colors, and the older logo like on your frame is much cooler.

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