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https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/56034657 Fernando Alonso:  Two-time Formula 1 champion involved in road accident while cycling...

I spend way too much time on r/formuladank

Looking to be a wet weekend at F1   On the plus side we scored a VIP skybox for Saturday to watch qualifying and Sunday should be dry. It better be, don't want to watch Elton John being all soggy.  

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11 hours ago, ironbut said:

I was one of those idiots who hated the halos when they were proposed.

Now I love them!

A major reality check for F1.

I still don't like the look of the halos, but it's hard to be opposed to effective safety measures in a motorsport like this. I don't think anyone would want to go back to the days of F1 when a high risk of death just came with the territory.

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5 hours ago, Torpedo said:

Still Grosjean was lucky his car broke in two pieces right behind his back. Otherwise he might have caught trapped into the cockpit because of the halo, and be burnt alive.

The more you look at the replays of his escape, the more you realize how many lucky breaks led to his survival.

On Grosjean's YT page there is a picture of him smiling from his hospital bed.

I called him The Miracle Baby in the comments.

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Great race. I'm sorry for Russell, but I'm so so so happy for Checo :dance:

If McLaren had been a little bit more clever reading the race and had gone to just one stop... Bottas definitely isn't Mercedes worth.

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End of another exciting (perhaps too exciting at points) season.

The compressed schedule was a little too much IMHO. 

Hopefully, it was an exception and otherwise,  F1 did a great job of presenting the fans with some great entertainment.

Personally, I don't like to see races without at least a weeks break in between. 

It seems less like a special event and just another tv show.

Just my uninformed opinion.

I will wait to make a judgement on the expanded season next year but it feels like Liberty may have too much control over the season.


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