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The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2


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Ordered off board version of golden reference boards from seeedstudio 1.6mm 2oz copper

Will have some extras for grab when my order gets here.

Kevin, are Golden reference boards finalized? You mentioned that there is oscillation unless some parts are not omitted...

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the oscillation was in the ltspice simulation.


board run now, will know for sure once i build it.


possibility of z-foil .15 spacing resistors, going to screw up

the ground plane on the back


will try later


no 20 ohm z-foil resistors that i can find...

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one of my boards can't be adjusted below 1.3v/-.4v, can/should I change r26 to get the values closer to 0?


Also getting like 3V input DC, is this normal? Right now I'm floating everything and tying IEC ground to earth, amp boards are taking com from the power one supply (equivalent)

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Back when Monster cable was first selling their cables with 3 sizes of wire (fat for the bass and thin for the treble), Frank van Alstine offered to wire the thin ones to an AC plug and plug it in while a Monster salesperson held on to one wire in each hand.  For some unfathomable reason, the salesperson declined. >:D

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I happened to order 3 extra amp board sets when building this amp and I won't be using them.

Anybody needs a set, send me a PM and I'll ship them your way for cost of postage. These are rev 9, with smd ptza06/56 and the rest through hole. 

UPDATE: all board sets spoken for.

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all boards gone
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1.25 volts

160 ma current draw on each rail at 20v


Hi Kevin:

How hot do the heatsinks on your GoldenReference PS get at this condition?

I just tried running my SUSY Dynalo with the GR PS running on 18V rails and about 18mA per output mpswx6 devices (360mV voltage drop on the 20 ohm emitter resistors). I was using the same heatsinks as shown on your pic but they got too hot to the touch and I had to put much larger heatsinks on. I am a bit surprised. 

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