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World Cup 2014


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"A Chile fan taunts Spain who became the fifth holder to go out at the group stage of the next World Cup

With an iPad?



Cheer up Antonio, with the pressure off, you can now sit back and enjoy "The Beauty of the Game".


I doubt it will be long before others are in the same situation (myself included)

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No worries, somehow I could see this coming. A big part of the "secret" of this team was the defense, particularly the two central players, Piqué and Puyol who were playing together since childhood in the Barcelona, then in the national selection team. They knew their moves, and mixed pretty well with the lateral defenders, also were great starting the game to the midfield. Puyol retired from the selection, and Piqué (today Martínez) and Ramos (who was the right lateral in the 2010 winner team) don't mix that well.

There are many other factors, like the long League season, and two of the teams giving important players to this selection playing the Champions League finale just three weeks ago. They had no time to prepare and rest compared to other teams.

We all knew this and still were hopeful their mentality and experience would overcome that, but it wasn't enough. This is the World Cup and every team is a menace. Almost anyone can defeat a great team. This smells like the end of a cycle and I'm afraid we won't have a winner team like this for ages. It was nice while it last.

Thanks for the cheering up, mates!!! Good luck :D

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I think Antonio is right and Spain is at the end of a cycle. But that also means new players coming up to play the style of futbol pioneered by Spain. I am optimistic that the Spanish national team will be back in winning style soon. That being said, Chile played a very good game and deserve a lot of the credit for the win.

The team I was most impressed with in today's matches was Australia. They played the Netherlands tough and had a real chance to end the game in a draw. Their tenacity and determination were impressive. No bludgers or wallies on that team.

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Central and South American teams have improved drastically in the past 8 years and it is really showing in this World Cup. Costa Rica is the real deal. Congrat.

France was really impressive and beat up on my Swiss team (Karen and I agreed on 3 of 4 semi finalists, I chose Switzerland for my 4th and she had France). France just blew them away with the pace of their play.

Now watching Honduras and Ecuador in a motel room in Louisville, KY drinking screw top white wine. This is living.

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