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We did end up buying the hand made, foam and latex free bed. It was over the top, but, after daily back pain for years, to suddenly realize my back has not hurt since the day we got it has made the pr

Finally! Took delivery today.  

Well, that ended up being a lot less painful than I thought. I started the day thinking I was going to buy memory foam but I ended up hating them.  I bought the Natural Mattress Stretch recommend

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On 9/7/2020 at 2:24 PM, TMoney said:

Yeah. Such a personal taste thing but the latex just felt like the correct choice for me right away.

The images this statement conjures up are just too distracting.

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Last weekend was the bed, this weekend is the linens.

I did a dumb thing and went to the fancy bedding store and tried stuff a bunch of stuff blind without knowing what it cost. Ouch.

This is head-case.

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One more funny tidbit I learned while talking to a co-worker today: if you really love a hotel chain's bed, say the Marriott, Ritz, Four Seasons, etc. all of them are happy to sell their exact bed setups to you online.

I don't travel enough (especially this year) to really have any particular affinity, but for the the gentleman or lady who can't get over how well they slept on a work trip or vacation then you can have that experience at home. I thought that was kind of cool.

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