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2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots

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Everyone is sorted...  Geez that was a ton of boards.  I'll head to the store tomorrow for envelopes after I sort those who didn't order a TKD pot.

I opened the boxes today. I’ll take some shots tomorrow since today’s my birthday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Packaging the THAT340 boards today since I had some time.  There's extra in case anyone wants extra sets

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Everyone but Nebb, Jgazal, and Samsie are all packed up with shipping printed.  USPS will pick them up today at the house, fingers crossed.  I'll go through the leftover boards this weekend and post what's left.

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I see a bunch are delivered already.  I'll try my best to post the leftovers this weekend.

As far as another group buy goes, I'm open to it.  GRLV boards are always popular and I'll add + only (positive rail) split GRLV boards since I could use a few for projects.  I thought I saw a while back that Kerry posted a smt GRHV with LV.  There's also the TH Buffer 2.0 boards as well so if anyone can think of anything else they need just post it in here

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My package (padded envelope) arrived with the top of it torn off, stapled and taped. Also, arrived with more parts than Steve had sent! Can't say I don't appreciate this consideration from the friendly people of the United States Postal Service, what a day to be alive. Am very much happy that it made it, bumpy ride, but arrived nonetheless. 

Thanks very much for your time and efforts Steve! Very much appreciated.

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On 2/24/2019 at 10:24 PM, MartinC700 said:

Total long shot, but does anyone have a spare set of carbon boards and GRHV boards? - I am looking at building either a regular KGSSHV with parts from Spritzer or alternatively a Carbon.


I do

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