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I assume what comes next is you go away angry because your attempt to market here failed so miserably.

But I don’t care if you go away angry, as long as you go away. Or you could read a bit, figure out what this community actually is, and participate like a human instead of a marketing robot.

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12 hours ago, AudioValve said:

amp cost 3200

I do not know what the rest think but here is my opinion about the situation:

Expectations make you a marketer.

Why do you approach here like giving away 3200 euro worth AMP? For who the AMP worths 3200 euro? For you.

Aren't you angry and/or resentful now because you were actually expected something and it did not fulfilled?

Are not "giving away"s part of the marketing?

Don't you expect something when you give away something? For that situation you at least expected to be known as a "nice guy who gives away free stuff" by members of this comnunity? Or with giving away something to a member of this comnunity maybe you want to feel better cuz you actually learn things from here which you use for making this amplifier what it is? I cannot know what did you expected, but I'm sure you were expecting something.

Let me tell you something suprising. We are not dogs of Pawlow.

You'd be (maybe, well at least by me) welcomed here if your offer were: "hey guys, I made an amplifier and want one of you test it and give the honest opinion about it to me"

You expected we are the part of the crowd you used to interact. But in fact we are not. 

So scram. Take your time as long as you want, but, scram.

Or leave the part of your personality that bothers us behind while posting here. But this opinion actually points out you are not welcomed here as long as you are you we see.

And also why do you name a valuable lesson as punishment?

One more thing I want to be clear: I do not care about you or your AMP. I just take this situation as food for thought.

Tell me my friend, how do you like this speech?

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@AudioValve you are so insecure, when your action(s) which binded to your desicion(s) questioned, you try to withdraw your action(s). But in fact, even if you delete what you write, we remember it. You decided and you took the action(s). They are all yours. They've became part of who you are.

Is it that easy to deny a part of yourself?

You were not welcomed here, by trying to undo what you did you are actually not welcomed by yourself either.

So, tell me my friend, why should we welcome you while even you don't?

Should your actions or desicions be accepted by others to be true/real/correct? Then you are not an individual. So you cannot be accepted by a community created by individuals.

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