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My local PX has a Omega 2225.80.00 Seamaster that was a special order and returned. Bracelet is small and would need some links. PX is a authorized dealer and it has the warranty card. They are asking $2800 and I might be able to talk them down a bit. Sound like a decent deal or a pass? What do links cost?


Those were only recently still selling for $3,600 new old stock, so that's a good price.  I have the same watch but in Titanium - built like a tank.

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Hublot is the Ultrasone of watch brands.

While I was happy with the OMEGA DeVille Prestige Automatic, I'm now only wanting to wear a watch when going out, and because of that I felt a manual wind would be more suited, so I've used that OMEGA as part exchange for a manual wind.

After reading good things about it, I was going to get a HUBLOT Classic Fusion, but seeing the post Hopstretch wrote which I've added to this post of mine, [ the post of Hopstretch was a reply to one I did ] I decided to do some more reading about that HUBLOT, and I'm glad I did because other things were written about it I didn't see before.

So, I'd like to thank Hopstretch for writing that post because without it I'd have probably gone and ordered that HUBLOT, and more than likely not seen the watch I've ordered.

That watch is a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin ( 1348420 ), it has a minute and hour handle, but no seconds handle and date, however I'm not bothered about having those two anyway.

It also has an Alligator Skin Strap, [brown ] but the same model is available with a metal bracelet [ 1348120 ], if I was wanting a metal bracelet though I'd sooner have a Mesh.

I should be receiving it in a couple of days, so I look forward to that.

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Yes, I've seen the moon phase version which I also think is very nice looking, but the one I've ordered was at a price I could go to.

It also has a silver dial.


I'm pleased you wrote the post in reply to the one I did, because I much prefer the look of the JLC I've ordered to that HUBLOT.

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Very nice. Hope it brings you lots of pleasure!

Thanks Hopstretch, I know it will, and me getting it is partly to do with you writing that post, the one that was a reply to one I did.

I thought it looked very nice in the photos I've seen, but in real life it looks even better, it's also very light and extremely comfortable.

Out of all the Master Ultra Thin's I've seen, I like the look of the Jubilee ( Platinum ) the most, but for me to have one I'd have to do a lot of saving.

I probably will save for one of those Jubilee's, but in the meantime I'll be keeping this JLC for quite sometime. ( pardon the pun )

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In the UK that JLC model new is £5450, and the asking price from where I got it was £4095, but they let me have it for £3900.

I didn't pay that amount because I used the OMEGA as part exchange.

I'm wearing it now, and I can hardly feel it, I love it.

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Congratulations, it's a wonderful watch and seems a great deal too :)

Thanks Torpedo.

After I read about that HUBLOT the second time, what I read stopped me from getting one.

It was then I started reading quite a bit on different makes of manual winds, and when I read bout JLC's I didn't see one negative thing written about them.

There were other makes that read to be as good as JLC, but they were all a lot more expensive.

What swayed me into getting the JLC though, was I read they go through a rigorous 1000 hour test.


I might be getting an early 60s JLC Memovox Auto (two-tone dial), if I can find an appropriate mesh/steel bracelet to put on it, as I just can't wear the included leather band.  It looks great, and it's a watch I love.

A Mesh SS bracelet is my favourite looking bracelet, and even before I got that JLC I was thinking about getting one to use with it, but the feel and locking mechanism on this Alligator skin strap is so good, I've decided not to bother getting a Mesh.

If I do end up getting a mesh bracelet, then the one I've seen that I really like the look of, and I think would go well with Master Ultra Thin JLC's, is a Staib S-2792-PB Pusher Clasp.

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That's a nice Omega, Larry. I wish you got a good deal on that ;D


Dave, the Hublots IMHO are as a jewellery-fashion-fancy watch as any Cartier or the like. I'd get a JLC as you did any time. It's not only about machinery quality, but elegance and a bit of understatement.

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One of the things I read about HUBLOT's the second time Torpedo, was they are well over priced.

I've been looking again on the JLC website, and they recommend that a leather strap should be changed after around 12 months.

Because of that I'm going to get one of those Staib S-2792-PB Pusher Clasp Bracelets, which not only do I think looks very nice, but should last quite a lot longer.

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Don't worry, under normal use the JLC leather straps can last way longer than one year. Use on it from time to time a good fine leather protection cream, specially to avoid moisture getting into it. Keeping it flexible will help the "tension hole" to stay round and not getting a transversal crease which might lead to a break line.

Those clasps are nice and help reducing tension, but are quite expensive too. There are many wonderful affordable leather straps to substitute the original JLC.


Most high end watches are overpriced, as any other luxury item, but I agree that Hublot is particularly offensive in that regard IMO.

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I have to admit, if looked after properly ( which I intend to do ) I would've thought a leather strap would last longer than a year, but I still plan on getting a Staib Mesh bracelet because to me they look so good, and I feel it will make my JLC look even better than it already is.

I've seen photos of some JLC Memovox vintage EdipisReks, and the ones with a silver dial look beautiful.

They all did what I saw, but especially the ones with a silver dial.

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I've been in contact with the website I saw those Staib mesh bracelets, and they told me the one that would work for my needs is a sliding clasp, but is done by Vollmer

The mesh is called V-1308, but apparently they are coming out with a new version that's equipped with a safety clasp, so I'll keep looking for that new version showing.

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