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Actually pretty interesting reads anyway.  I am really looking for something new for the everyday rotation and I am intrigued by the Ceramic bezels. Not sure I like the weird Rolex engraving on the rehaut or whatever.

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These are the things that make me never wear any of my Roli as I assume every one I see is a fake nowadays.  Not nearly as bad here in DC as the men dress like slobs so I hardly see anything above a Citizen.  I did see a really hot Asian girl with a Panerai on the other day.  I hope it was real, but I doubt it.

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I am actually contemplating getting the newer 42mm Explorer as a daily watch as I do not already have one and think they look okay.


Very happy with mine, although I still wear my older one often to prevent wear and tear on the new one.


What's better about the 2500d? I know it's thinner and in the regular Seamaster, I wanted that for some time too.


The 2500D has a 3-level coaxial escapement that is improved over the previous version, and wont get gummed up as easily as the 2500C with 2-level coax.


This makes the 2500 movement closer to the 8500 in-house movement, although the 2500D is still a highly modified ETA 2892 (which in itself is capable of meeting COSC specs and competing with the Rolex 3135 depending on the grade and finish).




A shot of the 42mm Explorer II from my trip to NC last December.


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