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Drats lost my post. How did you measure it so precisely? I just eyeball it and my 9F62 is still right on after a year or so. I think the temperature compensation and magnetic protection helps a lot to get that accurate.



I measure it by eyeball, if I care (I only care if inaccuracy is enough for me to really notice).  My watchmakers use very expensive measuring tools.  I'm not sure what HeadphoneAddict uses.


I set the Citizen to atomic time and then checked it approximately one year later, then divided the 6 seconds gained by 365 days in the year.


But I also use an App called WatchTracker on my iPhone that lets me see how the watch compares to atomic time and set it, and then I can mark data points along the way over hours or days or weeks, and it will show me if I am pulling away from Atomic Time or falling back.  Obviously the more data points and the longer the test, the more accurate. 


For example, I ran a test for about 15 days on my Victorinox Dive Master 500 recently (with ETA 2892.A2), and came up with an average of +3.5 seconds a day after over two weeks and 16 data points.  But it could see that runs faster when I'm wearing and active, and slower when I'm asleep.  So, it might gain as little as +0.5 sec a day, and other times as fast as +6 sec a day, but it averages out over time.

http://www.victorinox.com/us/product/Timepieces/Discontinued/Dive-Master-500-Mechanical/241561 )


On the other hand, my Planet Ocean 2500c runs 4.7 sec a day fast no matter if I'm active, asleep, on the winder, etc.  It has almost no variance since I had it serviced in July.  I can have it adjusted to be as close as +1 if I want, but if it aint broke don't fix it, and it's within COSC specs right now.



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Got sick of being the only person on HC not buying watches lately.


Went out looking for a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms or a Tudor Black Bay Blue but found neither.  Ended up with another Superocean.  Got the mesh and the gator with deployant clasps.





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Yeah I know.  I went to a recommended place here locally and they had nothing but Rolex.  Evidently there is a place at the high end mall that I can find Blancpain and Panerai.


Can't find any of my watch tools anywhere to size this giant mesh or put on the crocodile deployant.


I did however find some Panerai and Bell & Ross accessories to take out to Al in June though.

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I'm wondering why I haven't considered Breitling before.  I'm usually fixated on Rolex and Omega (with Victorinox and Luminox as my beater watches).  Maybe the askmen.com watch snob ruined them for me?


I've been thinking about a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Diver or a 36,000 VPH chronograph (Striking 10th maybe), but my budget wont support that right now.  I'm not into fancy watches like PP or VC.

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