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Yeah, I also like that one a lot. Not quite up to your guys levels, but my wife got me this for Christmas...  

Been after one of these for a while. Going in tomorrow to haggle. Wish me luck!  

Prematurely touted a Lange once before but hope this one won't get away. Have been looking for a year or so, they are like hens' teeth.

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There was a guy on Rolex Forums whose dad had a similar bakelite GMT.  Dropped it while taking it off to go through security at the airport, and broke the bezel.  Poor bugger.  He'd been wearing it continuously since 1961, other than having it serviced (it must not have gone to Rolex!).

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Anybody need watch winders?  I have two Pangaea quads and a Pangaea 6 watch winder that I'm not using.  They are quiet and reliable; good Japanese motors, and lots of cycle adjustability.  Two of them have small internal damage, as things fell from the drawer into the main body of the watch winder (my fault; I overloaded the drawers with straps and what-not), and you have to slightly break them to remove the drawer, but it's internal only, and doesn't effect function, unless you like shaking your watch winders over your head.  Otherwise, small wear and tear as is to be expected of polished wooden pieces that lived on furniture in well trafficked parts of a home and which were touched on a daily basis.  I have all of the original packaging.  I'd be interested in selling two of the three.  $150 + shipping for the quads and $200 + shipping for the 6 watch winder.  I'll take offers.

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I found my Sistem51, today!  It was resting between a piece of soft plastic and a velvet bag, in a drawer.  There were marks on the case from both the velvet and the soft plastic.  Swatch could have gone with a better grade of polymer, I think.  Seiko makes a pretty amazing watch for a lot less money. :-/

Still, it's incredibly comfortable with a silicone strap, and now that the bezel dots have worn off, it might even be black enough for Dusty.  I may keep it on for the rest of the week, though I'm not sure if it will survive a shower...


Apparently it will!  Not that I bathe or swim with watches very often, but I've been known to be insensate going to bed, and equally insensate getting up in the morning.  The Reverso survives it no problem, though I've only "tested" that with the Shell Cordovan strap (one would hope that a Crocodile was waterproof, though).

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I only have the iPhone and rather shitty light, but hopefully the fine polishing can be appreciated


Did I ever post this pic when Jacob asked for it at some other thread? :palm: This forum software is kind of weird.

I like what Omega is releasing, the 60th anniversary issue of the Speedmaster, Trainmaster and Seamaster looks great too


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2 hours ago, bjarnetv said:

the tudor chrono looks good until you see the sideview


Yeah, it's like the Big Block I had.  I really liked it, but the damned thing was so thick, it just wasn't all that wearable for me.  Well, really it was the slab-sidedness more than the thickness, as it was about the same absolute thickness as a Speedy, but a Speedy wears thinner than it is, due to the beveling on the lugs, and the general slope of the crystal and bezel.

11 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

Nicely done at under $5K. The big crown bugs me a bit.


The big crown would be great if it were a hand-winder.  I think the hands are too big (there is a reason chronos usually have fine hands).

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