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Prematurely touted a Lange once before but hope this one won't get away. Have been looking for a year or so, they are like hens' teeth.

Been after one of these for a while. Going in tomorrow to haggle. Wish me luck!  

Yeah, I also like that one a lot. Not quite up to your guys levels, but my wife got me this for Christmas...  

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Well shit.  My all original (well, the bezel was replaced, but I have the original) pre-moon 01'69 145.022 is now apparently valuable.  Makes up for all the money I've lost on watches, over the last 18 months (ok, fine, I've come out ahead). I'll be wearing it a lot more.  Won't sell.  I did have to up the insurance .  Same with my with-box-and-papers '68 GMT.

On 11/14/2016 at 8:37 AM, Hopstretch said:

A pity because it is an absolute beauty in the metal.

I've gone to the dark side and am wearing this today:


I thought we were friends.

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Haven't picked up a watch in forever and I guess I have been talking about them a lot lately as I have gotten two this week for gifts.

Had looked at Shinola quite a bit in recommending them for friends but never picked one up for myself. Seems like a decent watch.

Also got a fancy Apple Watch that I need to open up. All blacked out with metal link band so I need to decide if I like the Dusty treatment or really need an Apple Watch.


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Thanks!  I like the NATO on this watch.  Enough that I bought a grey on black striped one for the Speedy.  The Omega 1171 bracelet is a bit less nice than an Oyster, and the Speedy is a chunky-monkey (the Speedy definitely doesn't want to slide under a cuff), so I see it as being more likely to live on a NATO than the GMT, but it's been a nice change.

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