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Dusty Chalk

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$89.99 Online Only - with free Shipping from Office Max


Recently bought one from a B+M Store for more. This is a very good price, especially with the free shipping.

You do run all your non battery powered critical devices (or ones that just don't like hard power resets) off a UPS don't you? cheap insurance at the price. Also nice LCD that can be used to measure power draw / time remaining.

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For you wine aficionados and especially Syrah drinkers--

Ojai Vineyards Is Da Bomb

I really like Ojai Vineyards their quality is fantastic and their prices are very reasonable. The Santa Barbara Syrah is $24 per bottle if you buy six bottles and shipping is free. Once they arrive let them rest for two months or longer if you can stand the temptation, open then let the wine breath for 1-4 hours then have at it.

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Sorry Dusty, late to the thread and Ken is correct. The Ojai free shipping deals always work this way.

Dan, make sure you let the wine breath for at least a couple of hours to tone down the alcohol bite. I hope you like it.

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