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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

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My daughter (almost 12) is on the yearbook staff at her magnet school. Her grade went on a field trip to the Atlanta Aquarium, and she was one of four people allowed to take a camera. I set her up wit

A night out in the rain with the X-Pro2 & XF 23 f/2 

One of the reason I stopped posting was there just seemed to be so much drama. Getting angry and going off because of someone's post is just not a good use of my time. Being offended by these pics is

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Not to mention an AF system that is light years ahead of my old D800, better ISO, none of the lag I had with the D800 and a lighter body.  Seems like a much better camera for a Dad chasing kids around.

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I think I've said it already but it's like they listened to my wishlist of things that I'd want if I bought a FX body.  I'm going to give it at least a few months to make sure that there aren't any fatal flaws that crop up and then start stalking the FM forums.  Sadly, my D7000 is just about worthless on the used market.  I might just give it to my FIL rather than sell it for $200.  

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SOOC. Holy green and purple fringing. I've gotta have the worst luck when it comes to the 85/1.8G. Tried shooting some portraits at f/1.8, f/2, f/2.8, f/3.5 and all I got was a bunch of blurry crap. From f/5.6 and above its fine but begs the question, why not just use a shitty 85mm lens if I am just going to use it at f/5.6...

Ps. The image is starting to grow on me but I can't get rid of the fringing. Lightroom's remove CA button doesn't do shit. Any advice on how to deal with it?


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That is pretty pronounced fringing there CJ.  I do not remember that on either of the Nikon 1.4 D & G lenses I used to have.


I barely know how to work PS, LR, etc. so I have no idea how to fix that.

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When photography gets so technical as to intimidate people, the element of simple enjoyment is bound to suffer. Any man who can see what he wants to get on film will usually find some way to get it; and a man who thinks his equipment is going to see for him is not going to get much of anything.

-- Hunter S. Thompson


That, right there, is advice to live by.

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Looks like my D750 is on the recall list so I took it out today to see if I could replicate the problem.  Couldn't make it happen so I guess I will have to look into it some more to see how people are making it happen.




Loving the AF on this camera.




100% Crop




And loving the Sigma Art.  Really hoping an 85 version comes soon.







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Nice Bryan.


I did some snapshots as the cloud and wind rolled in today at lunch.




Part of a giant rally on the Mall.  Mostly Catholic school girls but I did not want to be the creepy guy taking pictures of them.  ;D






Second Army Division Memorial



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I understand it from a business point of view (somewhat) but seems very off-putting. Felt worse when the Chicago Sun laid off all their staff photographers. Something to be said for the quality of work and loyalty. Handing the journalists an iPhone and telling them to take pictures to support whatever they write isn't going to lead to the same quality of work as by a Pulitzer winner. 

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I have to assume with all the need for photos at SI they were predominately using outside talent for 90+% of their work already so these guys were just the big guns for studio stuff.  Hopefully this was a side job for most of them as they have their own studios, etc.  I actually met Bill Frakes on the sideline of a Giants game and he was very informative and put up with a lot of my questions about shooting a pro game. 


I am trying to choose a wide angle for the setup now.  14-24, 24 f1.4, 16-35 or 20 f1.8.  I had never even heard of the 20 until Peter mentioned it but it looks like a great lens for the money.  What say the HC Photo Club?

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