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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

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My daughter (almost 12) is on the yearbook staff at her magnet school. Her grade went on a field trip to the Atlanta Aquarium, and she was one of four people allowed to take a camera. I set her up wit

A night out in the rain with the X-Pro2 & XF 23 f/2 

One of the reason I stopped posting was there just seemed to be so much drama. Getting angry and going off because of someone's post is just not a good use of my time. Being offended by these pics is

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They are called autoguiders. Good luck with that rabbit hole.


I almost got an astrophotography setup but then I realized that with the hours I work I'm not willing to stay up until 3am taking photos.

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One of the most heartbreaking but yet satisfying volunteer projects I've been a part of. Today I went to a local pediatric oncology ward with 3 classmates and we hung out with some of the coolest kids ever. This was one of my favorite shots from this morning. On the right is Ana, who wants to be a pediatrician. On the left, is Jerimiah, who at the ripe age of 20 months wants to give everyone 'fist bumps of love' forever. We got to spend just a few minutes with each kid as they awaited their treatments. Just as we were getting comfortable, we got a constant reminder that they were there for chemotherapy. An awful plight but the incessant hugs and being asked to give everyone piggy back rides made it somewhat ok. 


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Kelida being wheeled away to the bathroom.


She kept up her spirits throughout and gave us some beautiful smiles. Unfortunately, the treatment caught up and she did not feel well. Her grandmother did not speak English and Kelida was translating for her the entire time. She only spoke French and both of them kept laughing at my constant repetition of, 'feuille de papier' - the only french I remembered from last year. 


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That's a pretty expensive conversion. I thought there was a company that modified that filter for like $250 or something. 


D810a is $500 more than the D810 (MSRP)


NOBODY in Japan has a very good record for getting pro-level cameras right enough that they don't need a recall or 2, in the last few releases anyways.


Having a warranty is probably worth $250 this early in the game. 


I'm curious if Nikon will ever make a B&W version. I mean, I would much rather have a GR-monochrom, but I imagine that a D810-monochrom would be very practical for micro-photography and other non-color-sensitive documentation. 

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