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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.


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And in local news ...


The De Young Museum in SF is having an exhibition "Ansel Adams in Our Time"

and there is a Zoom docent lecture, on Monday, thanks to the CM/Marin County Library

"This online program will be presented by Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco docent Jim Kohn, and is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Corte Madera Library."


I have signed up for the Zoom lecture, (Zoom compression artifacts notwithstanding) as it should be an interesting introduction to the exhibition.

Joanne signed up for De Young membership last year, so may be able to get discounted tickets!*

EDIT: *Free for us (Joanne +1), discount for "guests" on same visit.



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In that "Gen Z" article they utterly failed to the goddamn horizon line even remotely straight.  The single most important part of any photo involving a body of water is keeping it level.  One of the things I don't like about using an LCD screen for landscape photography is the lack of markings.  For years when I used the AF point indicators on my 30D/5D to see if I had the ocean remotely level.  Even with those, I'd often spend considerable time futzing around in Photoshop to get things as flat as I wanted.  I salute the large format photographers who succeed at the task while looking at the world upside down and backwards.  Now that I say that bit out loud, maybe I was meant to be an ULF photographer.

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On 3/28/2023 at 9:57 PM, mikeymad said:

I thought it was hilarious that you could just stuff a whole human in there.

Ira Einhorn, is that you?

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My Pixel phone tells me when, and by how much, I am out of level. Consequently, all pictures of my cats are very correct.

1 hour ago, Knuckledragger said:

Now that I say that bit out loud, maybe I was meant to be an ULF photographer.

From the numerous posts you have made, it seems that it is finally time to get off the pot, be honest with yourself, and admit what your true calling is.

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26 minutes ago, blessingx said:

Probably best to A/B to be sure. How was the show? 

Great. All the hits.

Made all the more interesting by a docent lead tour.

By a passionate, informed, opinionated, "only in SF" docent.


They said if they were paying to have their name changed, they were going to get as many letters possible for the money.

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