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I'd been hearing that too. Plan to try it out the full install option on the MBP with a new Segate 500GB 7200RPM laptop drive.

Oh, and supposedly you hold down "6" and "4" on boot to install the 64-bit version. I hear it doesn't boot on all supposedly 64-bit capable Macs, but I plan to give it a try to see.

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1) $29

2) Far superior multiprocessor and graphics card support (only for Apple applications right now until 3rd parties catch up)

3) Faster handling of large files/directories (think large itunes libraries or pictures)

There's really no flash to it. Very little new functionality to the user, just a faster, more efficient experience. The big deal to my eyes is the new "Grand Central", which is the new method of dividing tasks between processor cores, trying to fully utilize them. Early reviews show a speed increase in almost every task, with significant (100%+) increases for very processor-heavy tasks.

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This is probably only relevant for myself but ONLY Adobe CS4 apps are approved to work with Snow Leopard. Probably doesnt mean that older versions won't work but its still a factor :P

Interesting. I'll be testing CS2 on it tomorrow after I get it running. Some of my plugins don't cooperate with 4, so I keep 2 around (and in general prefer it for my limited applications).

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