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Our "Boo Kitty" went missing on 3/2 and we're really upset about this. The cat went outside about 6AM and about an hour later two coyotes were wandering through the backyard. My son went out to get the cat after the coyotes moved on to the neighbors yard, and then my wife let the dog out to scare off the coyotes which also scared off the cat. She didn't know my son almost had the cat in his hands, and that was the last time we saw him.

We've discovered how many black cats live in the area, and after posting signs all over we've had about 15 calls in a week. But none were our cat, or we couldn't find the cat after were told where he wandering in people's yards. He has a collar with our address and phone, and he's been chipped by the Humane Society who haven't had him come through, but they called today about a "found cat ad" in the paper which could be ours. But the cat is not with the people who posted the ad, it's been getting fed by the neighbors who are planning to move soon and take the cat with them. So now I have to try to speak with the "cat feeders" and see if they have our cat.


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Dude that sucks, good luck finding him. My wife and I went through a week of "lost cat" ourselves; ours finally showed up when we put food out for her (within like 5hours).

Thanks. If we put food out we'll get mice, foxes, coyotes, mountain lions and bears (in that order). The cat's being going outside for 4 years and likes to chase the foxes and eat the mice, but we've never seen the coyotes in the area until last week. I hope one didn't get him. The mountain lions were caught 4 houses down last summer.

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I got called about another "found" long hair black cat today. But it was really just hanging out in their area and not in their possession, so it took my son and I an hour just to find it. It looks like the smaller brother of our cat, about the size and hair length of the other female cat from the 9th. This one has balls and claws while ours doesn't, plus ours was about 3lb heavier; so we knew as soon as we saw it that it wasn't ours.

The people who called about it said it was a new stray in the area since March 1st and they've been feeding it, but our cat didn't disappear till the 2nd; so that was the first clue it might not have been ours in the first place. We wanted to believe they just had their days mixed up. They were too busy moving and couldn't take it to the Humane Society to see if the owner could be found, so they put an ad in the paper. The Humane Society saw the ad and called us. We took said cat to the Humane Society for the finders, where my kids promptly found three cats they want to adopt (one for each kid). :palm:

It's been 10 days since we've seen Boo, and we suspect the coyotes got him the 1st day (they were in the yard 20 minutes before he snuck out). My wife and I discussed getting ONE female kitten tomorrow, and if Boo comes back we'll just live with 2 cats (and a dog). My 14 year old picked out a 3 year old cat (de-clawed and spayed), and we don't know how it will like the dog but it's very friendly and likes attention, unlike the missing cat who is a recluse at times (all cats have aspergers). My son likes a 6 month old grey tabby, and my eldest daughter likes a black and white 6 month old kitten (all female). I just can't abide by having 3 cats to replace one, and in case Boo comes back he wont be happy.

Not being a black cat is a bonus in case it gets lost too, because I have gone to look at 10-12 black cats in the past 7 days that aren't ours. Who knew there were so many of them that get lost within 2 miles of our house.

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Sorry to hear that cat wasn't yours, but it sounds like things will work out, one way or the other.

One of my wife's friends lost one of her cats about a week and a half ago and the critter found its way home yesterday, thin and bedraggled but basically in good shape. So that was a happy ending.

Meanwhile, I'm counting the french doors on the inside end of our front hall as one of the best investments I've ever made.

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Well, Boo hasn't come back yet. For my son's sake we decided to adopt a little female 6 mo old kitten at the Humane Society this weekend, and if Boo comes back then we'll be happy with 2 cats.

My son is in a sleeping bag in my bathroom right now with the cat. Socks is a little scared of the new place, so she's staying in the master bathroom and getting a feel for the new home while we try to "kitten-proof" the house. Boo was a naughty kitten when we first got him, and he chewed on things like headphone cables, but after a while we were used him being a mature cat and didn't have to hide stuff anymore (4.5 year old).



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I went to visit my friends Dave and Kate this weekend, which meant I got to see my favorite cat.


Ozzie inside thee box to my Korg Z1. In order to get this shot, I had held my 30D upside down. With the 580EX speedlite and diffuser attached, it was an unwieldy apparatus for taking a picture of an only-momentarily cooperative cat.


In front of the Korg Z1. He was interested in it the moment I showed up with it. Maybe he liked the color.


Ozzie "helping" me mix.

More later. Maybe.

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So sorry the missing Boo hasn't made it home. Hoping there's still hope.

Mrs. episiarch is severely allergic so I don't have a cat of my own any more. Happily my neighbors allow me visiting privileges with their cat Bella.

After being reprimanded for jumping on the dining table - apparently she does this only when I come to visit - she spent most of the evening hiding in a paper bag. (She's normally not shy. I think she just liked that bag which happened to be positioned where she could spy on us from a place of concealment.) Eventually she deigned to reappear.


(rollover for decent-sized images)



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A hugely disproportionate percentage of people I know who own pets own cats. I'm not sure why that is, but I'd like one of my own someday. Nice looking kitties, all, and I hope you find your cat, HPA.

Probably because cats are easier to care for, at least in my experience, than most dogs.

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Big cats like big boxes...




That said I'm paying a lot of attention to avoid this particular problem with mine:

''March 9, 2010. In the US, over 45% of dogs and 58% of cats are now estimated to be overweight or obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP)''


''A 15-pound cat is equivalent to a 225-pound 5 foot, 9 inch male and a 20-pound feline equals 300 pounds on that man. Each pound on a cat is equal to about 13 pounds on the average female and 15 pounds on a male.

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The cat has landed. On its feet, no less.
So "Gotcha Day" for Bobby is 8-15-2009. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Bobby! I love you, little buddy.
Bobby is a sweetheart. He was doing his chainsaw purr when I met him. You've got a great little kitty (just add cat food and wait, and he might not be so little in a bit...)
This has turned out to be quite prophetic.
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