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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!


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So its going to end up cheaper than i thought.

So sue me.

Mostly its because the power supply board is not going to be full size

and that is going to make things cheaper.

So the amplifier board really is what i said above unless there is some other

charge i don't know about.

I'm sure there will be few opportunities to use the word "cheaper" in this project! Indulge yourself!

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Woah... Just came across this thread, must have been blind all this while (though I did only just joined the Headcase community :P). This project looks awesome! I'll would dearly love to get my hands on one of these monsters. Now I know where to put ALL my hard earned money.... This IS my wet dream!

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Well then, a couple of more pictures



all thats left to do is the backpanel for the power supply,

and to buy some shaft extenders (and pick a normal knob)

(and pick which stax jack)

glad i waited on the power supply board, as one of the mounting

holes would have run into the front panel flange.

amp boards should be here next week for those people just itching

to start stuffing the boards. Angle brackets also available. :D

Perfect for turkey day... I'm pretty much back on schedule.

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