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Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

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Never underestimate the obfuscating twats on diyaudio I asked a question regarding Kemet vs. Vishay-Polytech tantalum-polymer capacitors (since the Vishays are considerably cheaper and appear to

This is how my first attempt to mill a pcb stencil turned out. The aluminum sheet comes from a Burgenfels beer can.

Sourcing of currently manufactured semiconductors, even from OnSemi and other mainstream manufacturers, is log-jammed. This is a result of the perfect storm of Covid causing lines to be mothballed and

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Thanks for the edit tip. I did not know that.

No, these do not have threads. I read the original post to say parts like those above or something similar but with threads. I now see it could have been read as only looking for those parts or similar but with threads.

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Random q - Looking for stuff to fill my drawers with so I don't have to mail order parts every time I want to build something. Do these resistors look okay? Are they OEM for some real brand or are they just crap? 1/4W 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistor Kit 2500pcs 50 values - eBay (item 260598923005 end time Nov-03-10 11:37:59 PDT)

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I bought something similar a while back and I have no complaints. My Exstata uses these almost exclusively with no issues. Beats the hell out of paying 15cents for one generic resistor at the local store...

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