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Looking for a New Amp

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Finally after months with all the problems getting the dac(Pico dac lost by shipping company and y2 builder taking ages to order the parts)I just got my refund and decided to go with the DacMagic with a discount from a dude from my home town, and the rig is "complete".

Now that I plugged all down, I don't like the sound its to distorted which I describe as a kinda messy metallic sound..

I tested on the dude house to find the problem, and it seems its the minimax tube effect, I tried the rs1+dacmagic with his Lehmann Audio Black Cub and the sound was so much better, still to much bright sometimes but thats just the rs1 and I hope HF2 will be the right tone, then we even tested with his little portable Caffeine Amp and still the sound was better.

So now I'm selling the MiniMax and looking for a new amp, for 300-400$ I have checked the dynalo for 280$ and the dude recommended me a Pro-Ject Head Box SE II 264$, are thesse a good option or there are better ones, what do you suggest ?


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attempt at insulting brent

you went at it all wrong. gotta have something like "[insert mexican joke here]... comment on JH fanboyism..." etc. if you really want to get him going just talk about how the droid sucks.

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Get the RSA Protector, it has received good reviews on Head-fi and it's basically a full-size balanced amp in the chassis of a portable amp. Don't be put off by the small size, it can make the K701 go to ridiculous volume levels, even on medium gain.

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