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As Flash and Java aren't supported, we'll likely to need App Store and web-based alternatives to some apps. Thought it might be useful to have a separate thread from the iPad discussion itself in prep for the iPad arriving.

Here are a couple...



And 'strech just posted...

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They probably allowed it because Netflix's options for streaming content are pretty awful. I looked on my PS3 tonight, I struggled to find anything worth watching and the lack of high-def content is a great big pile of fail. I can only hope that the iPad app will kick them in the ass to actually offer some current, desirable content.

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Buffy, Angel and Firefly have all been added to streaming, so there's that.

Awesome.... Dr. Horrible is there as well. Actually, looking through the content today... it seems like there's a lot more now than a few days ago. Maybe it's just me. Of course, we use Netflix streaming more for TV shows, not movies. In that regard, it's been well stocked.

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Anyone that has not seen the BBC show MI-5 should check it out. It's one of my favorite shows. The first 4 seasons on are on Netflix streaming. I use the streaming mostly for TV shows as well. I never watched Buffy or Angel so maybe now is the time.

Does anyone use Rowmote Pro? It supports Amarra.

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I used to catch the new Dr. Who on netflix streaming, also MI5, Painkiller-Jane, (or something sounding like that, kick ass female undercover vixen or other). Some really old, cheesy tv shows, like Kolchak.

Actually, I quite enjoyed, and it was sort of an added bonus at the time. I also tried the roku box with overall good results.

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