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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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For anyone who cares, a long term impression of the Niche Zero and Breville Dual Boiler: I couldn’t be happier. My Breville issues were caused by buying used, nothing inherently wrong with the machine. It’s super easy to use and makes just absolutely delicious espresso. Temperature is spot the fuck on. I have no desire to do the Slayer mod, but of course I have a Flair 58. 

Regarding the Niche, it took me a little while. I didn’t love it compared to 64 SSP burrs, at first, but I have come around to it. Using it is of course foolproof. Workflow is perfect. Shots are round and unctuous and delicious. 

I honestly don’t want to “upgrade:” I’m perfectly happy. I have a routine that I go through twice every morning, and I enjoy the coffee every time, even when I fuck up on coffee selection (I found a light roast Yirgacheffe somehow so porous I have to grind on 0, but it just barely pulls a traditional shot: I normally just turbo it, though: it’s still good).

Both machines are older, but quality hasn’t been affected by the appearance of competitors: I would buy both again, here in 2024. Maybe I would get the Duo, if I were buying new now, but I’m unlikely to “upgrade” from the Zero to one: it’s a great grinder. 

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Love my niche zero.  There's something about it...the design is simple.  It weighs enough that it's substantial which for whatever reason one often correlates to quality.  It's uber low maintenance.  The wife hasn't said much so apparently it's not a big eye sore.

Great purchase IMHO.

I bought a bunch of Intelligentsia coffees.  The Celebration has been really good....so much so I gifted a bag to our neighbors.  Definitely better value for money than Onyx Coffee, but I keep going back to them now and again...


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