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15 hours ago, Augsburger said:

I used the last of my truffle salt this evening on my pasta. Any recommendations for a reputable truffle shipper or a truffle salt. We are at the end of truffle season so I am guessing truffle salt is my only option. So far Urbani is the lead for truffle salt but I would like to try others. Any recommendations?


Truff now make a variety of Truffle-based products outside of their hot sauce range, I imagine they'd be alright (I've only ever had their hot sauces and pasta sauces):

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I bought some Tequila, pepper, lime seasoned cubed beef for tacos. Once I cooked the meat, the moisture let off created a wonderful, brown seasoned liquid, that I scrambled eggs in and cooked some onion and bell pepper. Shredded some cheese and built some incredible breakfast tacos. Yum!


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I made soup:  chicken, beans (too many, they didn't all fit), chicken broth, celery, potatoes, various other soup vegetables, simple spices (black pepper, red pepper, dill weed, 3 green onions chopped, garlic (almost forgot -- had two helpings before I remembered to add), small can of hot jalapeños) and that's it.  No oil this time.

Smells even better than the previous batches, tastes friggin' delicious.  One small can of hot peppers amongst all that food didn't overwhelm the other flavours, just added a nice little amped up bite to it.

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Still celebrating my paid week off, for Christmas. Today's giant breakfast...

Taco omelet, consisting of Carne asada, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole. Toast, breakfast sausage and home fries.

Yes, I cooked entirely too much food! Pretty sure half of this will be lunch.



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