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    Those aren't the WTC towers in the background. The city in the background is Istanbul, Turkey. The photo was taken far after Sep 11, 2001. I'm not entirely sure what buildings those two are. As best I can make out there are several sets of twin towers in the city. The TAT Towers are the best known: There's also these two: I don't know their name. Turkish is an impenetrable language. The buildings behind the cats might not be either of the above. There's a lot "twin tower" like buildings in Istanbul: There's really no other place to go with this post except here:
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    This is as cool as can be, and something I know that Shell will love. It's just amazing to me how it works. Watch the 3 videos for the math and such. http://www.loop-the-game.com/ So I got interested and emailed the guy for pricing. Turns out they're quite expensive, not surprising since they're handmade and quite tricky to get just right. Cost is £15,000 plus shipping. Gulp.
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    Well, I've held off on posting this one. Thought the 300mph barrier deserved its own space. Also, I've been to busy and or lazy. Weekend is finally here and I'm kicking back in the backyard after way too much foot traffic through the house...LOL. My daily was my beloved 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Creampuff with only 26K miles (I work a couple of miles from the house). All wheel drive, 392 cubic inch motor that made short of 500hp at the flywheel (i.e. not the wheels...I'd guess 10-15% drivetrain loss due to torque converter, etc...), 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters, big Brembo brakes, a lot of suspension flexibility with a dial...and a hilarious but beloved launch control should one ever need one. The wifey borrowed it a few weeks go to pick up her dad from the hospital and take him home as her coupe sits quite low. She got struck by another driver on the way home (fortunately she was perfectly fine) and the damage while not huge was enough for me to call it a day after 4 years with the big girl. It was days before the Texas Mile and my tow vehicle was down... I did not make it to the Mile with my Demon. Don't get mad, get even. After scouring for a similar vehicle I concluded there are not many and certainly not in the shape I'd be happy with. So..... 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the Hellcat motor and some nifty gadgetry was acquired. Traded in my 2015 at full trade-in value and handed over my insurance claim. The 2018's on the lots were discounted more, but I still managed to get a good bit of the 2019. Way to expensive a vehicle, but I have to admit I'm a sucker for the power, leather, and technology. vroom vroom... HS
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    They are ok and pretty well built. You can easily use them with an adapter though the cable is pretty short as they foresaw some sort of portable usage I suppose. The bass is pretty limited due to the small drivers. If you are keen on one, I have mine for sale on my site with a Stax adapter... Shameless plug but my better half really wants me to have a "sane" number of headphones...what ever that is.
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    The bracelet is the way to go, but it's worth the experimentation.
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    Wow, thanks you guys! Your comments and likes really made my day!
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    Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    Hey, I see your point! After the excessive number of hours I spent tweaking every little thing, that never occurred to me till you mentioned it.
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    First, thanks to Dr. Gilmore and Soren! My amp is working and everything is OK. It's perfect with low impedance and miserable sensitivity headphones. B: +/- 29Vdc ~2.1/50=41mA (L) 43.2mA (R) ~2.2/562=3.7mA (L) 3.9mA (R) Voltages are a bit lower than Congo5 but I think it´s correct. I start working on the chasis now. I´ll install a switch to select the gain as I did in the SquareWave. P.S. I know I have to put a photo to fulfill my part of the deal. I'll place it this weekend. 🙂
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    I like it better on bracelet.
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    I came across this band drinking in Tahoe City, not streaming, but you can check them out by streaming if you wish. Pronounced krung-bin, obviously.