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  1. Have a crapalicious b-day, C-Jay! **BRENT**
  2. True... True. But I wouldn't have told anyone... so it wouldn't have "happened". **BRENT**
  3. OK... uhmmm... so... uhmmm... Tomorrow, eh? Not today? I have been QUITE out of it. I thought the thing was today. Jesus! Days/dates are just a blur these days. So, I thought it was today, thought I was missing it b/c I had to help my mom move @ the last minute... man, I even rushed through that (though that worked out for the best). Well... Maybe I'll see you crazy kids tomorrow... NOT today. **BRENT**
  4. So... yous twos will help cover my gas monies? Btw, it's tomorrow. You kids remember? I DO have my HF-1s this time, but forgot to get V to ship me her HF-2s. (or dan, or nate, or mike, or etc...). Not that anyone would trust me with high $$$ grados. Oh, well, except Screaming Oranges, I have his GS1ks here. I'm gonna try, but to afford the gas, I'd have to draft transver trucks. Still, if I can make it I can bring my Denon 2900 -> M^3 -> HF-1/GS1k U know you want that MONSTER rig there! **BRENT**
  5. MexicanDragon

    Palm Pre

    I don't know how I missed this thread. I haven't spent time with a live one yet, just the dummy from the Best Buy Mobile, but I LOVE the size of the phone. The iPhone and the G1 seem a little too tall (though both have big roomy screens). The Pre in closed position just fits the hand SO well. Kind of like with my BB 8900, the screen is a bit smaller, but it has the same or similar resolution as the iPhone/Storm/G1, so it should just be great in that respect. I'm in agreement that it's going to take more marketshare away from RIM than it will Apple, though IRL, I see quite a few more people with BBs out than iPhones. I kinda wonder if this is how it may end up with Android phones as well, having a variety of devices/form factors on one platform suiting multiple needs. It'll be interesting to see what WebOS does with the reinvention of Palm, however. This summer, with multiple flagship WM phones, new Android phones, 2H BB devices and that other little phone that came out today all on top of the Pre, the smartphone arena is just flooded with top tier competition. I love it. **BRENT**
  6. Don't forget the Denon DVD-2900. SACD and DVD-Audio, quite a few mods out there if you wanna throw down, pretty blue LED when an SACD is in. ~140-<200$ used. And I REALLY wish I could pick up a few of those SACDs. I'm a sucker for 'Trane, and, well, most any GOOD sax player... **BRENT**
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHdEbRDdMiI I especially enjoy at 1:18 and on... **BRENT**
  8. I remember when Circuit City used to carry Senn 580s and/or 600s, though this was in the mid-90s, and obviously CC quit carrying them, and they are out of business now. Other than that, however... it's either Bose or 80$ TOPS for Sonys. **BRENT**
  9. Try this... get a Tupperware container and fill it with rice and place the device in the rice and let it sit for about a day. The rice draws out the moisture. It's worked well for cell phones in the past, give it a shot with your touch. **BRENT**
  10. Yeah... hope I can too. Welcome hortonm... I'm sure there WILL be some interest in that setup. I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin. **BRENT**
  11. Let him try... but we'll save that for the HF meets. These seem to the the high-fallutin' types. Less nonsense (til the Tyll-hosted afterparty... no?). I'm gonna try to be there... got the usual factors to deal with. **BRENT**
  12. I always feel a little sorry for ol' Fitz at the end of the meets... **BRENT**
  13. I thought of someone here earlier... **BRENT**
  14. I was contacted via chat by someone who was on a plane that that someone was going to be somewhere close to me in about 75 minutes. I was ~100 minutes away. I got cleaned up, got the kids ready, and started a ~300 mile round trip excursion for a 1 hour dinner. It was SOOOOOO worth it! **BRENT**
  15. Via Twitter racing buddy via Brock Yates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyR3Q1O3uqI **BRENT**
  16. It's been too long since something's been posted here. Let's get back on track, boys... **BRENT**
  17. Subscribed. Gonna be out and about today (NOT in the greater CanJam area) so gonna get the updates via e-mail. You kids have fun. **BRENT**
  18. Heh... thanks ladies and gents. I left friday night around 7:30pm, got home yesterday @ 6:10pm, grabbed a shower and was back on the road around 6:40pm. Got back home around 11am today. Had a "couple" beverages, had a couple pictures taken, and I remember most of 'em. Heh... and I didn't touch my computer for the entire day. Some of you who know me will find that shocking (imagine Joan Cusack's voice from "High Fidelity"). I'm exhausted, met some cool people, had someone buy me birthday lunch, and now I'm about to go chill for a bit before a concert tonight (playing, not watching). Thanks again... <raises glass> **BRENT**
  19. Dammit... I need to get some palimony. Not gonna sell the kids... I gave it some thought but couldn't decide which to sell. Xavier really digs the HF-1s, so if he wasn't around for HF-2s, he'd be upset. Zoe's not really big into cans... she's more of a car audio gal, but she digs car audio in Bimmers, so she stays. FWIW, if any of you guys get #39 and wind up selling it, keep me in mind. Since the money pit (future-ex-wife) is gone, there is a RIDICULOUS amount of cash NOT flowing out of this house... so once I get back to work and whatnot, it SHOULD be possible in a few months. 450$ shipped sound good? Bah @ all those people selling for 800$ in July... Bah! I say. Side note: There goes ANY shot of me selling the HF-1s for stupid money next month @ rent time. (300 word explanation of "Bah!" ) **BRENT**
  20. Bah! That's all I have to say right now... Bah! **BRENT**
  21. MexicanDragon

    Atlanta Meet

    Thanks for posting this up, Ingy. I meant to, but I'm a slacker. I still plan on being there. We definitely need to do a HC get-together. The ATL kids don't know how to have a "proper meet". **BRENT**
  22. /me wants to take this challenge... this really old challenge. Let's talk about tires! **BRENT**
  23. Heh... you don't know grawk that well, do you? /me raises the same glass from midnight of QC... Cheers again, bud... even after you passed out. **BRENT**
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